• Annihilus is coming!

    Annihilus is under development and testing as we speak! Annihilus is a unique Diablo II Lord of Destruction server, while the vast majority of it is the vanilla Diablo II you love and miss, we have taken certain things to the next level to make the game even more enjoyable while not taking away anything from the original game. Here are some things we can do here at Annihilus that you will not find anywhere else.

    8 player game limits always leaving a 9th wheel? Not anymore. The Annihilus server can get up to 64 players in a single game.

    The party screen has been completely remade so accommodate this, and with the remake comes new features there as well. The party screen now has a Kill / Death / Assist counter. The kills and assist only work for PvP, for all of the PvPers out there! The deaths will track monster deaths as well.

    Another button you will find on the party screen is the new Spectator Mode. This lets you watch other players play as if you were sitting right next to them in person, no matter where they are.

    Maphack is built seemlessly right into the game. No pesky third party downloads required! Not only that, we have added a few features to it as well, such as showing a timer for all of your buffs and displaying your FCR / IAS / FHR / FRW in your stat screen.

    Now if you're still wondering if its worth picking our server over any others even after all of those changes, we have changed a few other things as well to help you make up your mind:

    Leveling speed has been increased. From level 1 all the way up to 99 the XP gain is much higher than your standard Diablo II server. Of course it still requires some dedication to level past the lower 90s though, for those who want to race to the top!

    Over 90% of the Uniques / Set items have been updated / buffed. When 1.10 came out for Diablo II, it essentially made most Uniques and Sets completely useless compared to Runewords, making magic finding and playing the game not nearly as fun, because all you were looking for was high runes. Not anymore! Uniques and Sets (especially full sets!) can keep up and perhaps even slightly surpass Runewords. This freshens up the game for anyone, while keeping the items close to what you remember them as.

    We've also increased the size of your stash and cube, we don't want you running out of room anytime soon!

    This is just the beginning, we here at Annihilus love this game and want it to live on for several years to come, we have our heart set on becoming the top Diablo II server out there, and we will be taking Game Master applications when we launch for those who share the same passion and want to help us grow! We look forward to seeing you in-game soon.