• Server Connect Guide

    Follow these steps to get connected to the Annihilus Server!

    1. Be sure you have Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction installed, and updated to atleast 1.12+, but if you have the latest 1.14a patch installed you will need to re-install Diablo II and not upgrade, installing Annihilus over 1.14a/b will not work.

    If you have no way of getting a version of Diablo II that is pre-1.14, you can download our FULL installer here. This comes with Diablo II 1.13d with Annihilus already installed. This is essentially a 1-click and play installation. (WHEN USING THE FULL INSTALLER, YOU MAY WANT TO CLICK RE-UPDATE ON THE LAUNCHER JUST TO BE SAFE AS IT MAY NOT HAVE THE LATEST ANNIHILUS VERSION BUNDLED IN THE FUTURE!) You can skip to Step 4 if you use this installer.

    2. (Optional) Make an exact copy of your Diablo II folder, This is only required if you plan on going back to normal public servers.

    3. Run the Annihilus Installer found here. It will ask where you want to extract it,
    you will want to extract it to your Diablo II folder (or the exact copy you made if you did Step 2) At the very end of the installer a window will ask you for permission to add the server to the registry, click yes. (If you have a problem downloading the .exe installer or just prefer to extract a .zip to install instead, you can download the .zip file here. You will have to run the Annihilus Realm.reg file yourself in the folder you extracted it into if you decide to install with the .zip file.)

    4. You're all set! Open Annihilus Launcher.exe from the Diablo II folder you installed Annihilus in or from the shortcut created on your desktop, and you can launch the game from there. Be sure the selected server is set to Annihilus, create an account and play!

    If you have any issues installing or connecting you can post in our Help Desk forum here. We also have a stickied thread with some common issues in there as well, so be sure you check that out first!