• Annihilus

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    Server Information:

    Launch Date: January 1st, 2015, 6:00 pm EST.
    Ladder Start: June 10th 2016, 6:00 pm EST.
    Next Ladder Reset: February 23rd 2017.
    Diablo II Version: 1.13d

    Server Features:

    Very similar to a Blizzlike server, aside from several gameplay improvements listed below!
    Increased Experience Gain.
    Increased Game Resolution to modernize the game.
    Difficulty has been slightly increased, making the game more challenging yet rewarding!
    New End Game Content, several new Bosses, and high level areas so there is always something to do.
    Uniques and Set items have been buffed / remade to be competitive with Runewords! Over 90% have been updated, making Magic Finding exciting again. There are also many new Uniques and new Sets as well. Check out our Wiki!
    Rares have been completely overhauled, and have potential to be some of the best items.
    Character limit in-game increased to 64, up from 8! Party Screen has been completely remade and improved with new features to support this.
    Spectator Mode has been added. You may now click Spectate at the party screen to see another player's point of view, no matter where they are.
    Enchanting items has been added. You can now further customize your items even more. Enchantment scrolls drop anywhere in Hell!
    Several useful features are now built directly into the game, such as Maphack, buff timers, and more stats listed on the stat screen.
    You can hold CTRL while hovering over an item to see which stats vary and their ranges, just like in Diablo 3.
    Gold is now a main currency, it is not obtainable by normal means and can be used to buy useful items at the new vendor found in Rogue Encampment.
    Color Dyes for items, an item to remove something from a socket without destroying it, and Token of Absolution are a few things found at the Gold Vendor!
    Many convenient features, such as increased stash size, increased cube, Invite all players to party, and more!

    We offer several features that have never been possible until now, and you will never find them on another server. This is unlike any Diablo II you have played before, while keeping it the same game you know and love. We are fully dedicated to making this the best Diablo II server to play on by far, and we will focus building it around the most important part, the community. We have a very powerful server and it should be enjoyable around the world. You will not regret your choice to play here, be sure to bring your friends and experience the new and improved Diablo II all over again together! Thanks to all of the other modders who've created awesome mods in the past to give us motivation and ideas. This includes Brother Laz, Marco, kingpin, Necrolis, Nefarius, tsuru, and many more!
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    Annihilus is under development and testing as we speak! Annihilus is a unique Diablo II Lord of Destruction server, while the vast majority of it is the vanilla Diablo II you love and miss, we have taken certain things to the next level to make the game even more enjoyable while not taking away anything from the original ...

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    Follow these steps to get connected to the Annihilus Server!

    1. Be sure you have Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction installed, and updated to atleast 1.12+, but if you have the latest 1.14a ...
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    Here is a list of rules for the Annihilus Server. Breaking any of these rules can result in a warning, all the way up to a permanent ban from our server.

    1. No third party software is allowed. This includes bots.
    - Our server is automatically designed to block almost, if not all third party software. ...
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    Frequently Asked Questions / Important Information:

    Q: How do I get Gold?
    A: Gold can be obtained multiple ways:
    - Voting for Annihilus on the links to the bottom left. You get 20 Gold per vote, for a maximum of 60 Gold