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    Subscriber System Live!

    Hello guys! The Subscriber System is live! First of all I would like to thank everyone who decides to subscribe for your amazing support. By providing consistent and steady financial support to Annihilus this allows me to breathe a little easier when it comes to pouring hours into development to keep pumping out content, and it is definitely a good source of motivation as well! I will get right into the benefits I want to give subscribers for supporting us, we will certainly be adding more perks in the future, so keep an eye out!

    Subscriber Benefits:

    • Access to the awesome Subscriber forum! I will do my best to post sneak peeks of upcoming patches and content here well before anyone in the general public sees them.

    • A "Subscriber" User Title! You can make this show up on the forum or hide it at will if you prefer to not be shown as a Subscriber.

    • Access to beta tests! We often do private testing on patches if they have a lot of changes or something that specifically needs testing. We won't beta test every single patch but we had a 2-3 week test for Annihilus 5.0 before it finally launched. I look forward to your feedback in future tests!

    • You will receive 125 extra Gold a day! This equals 3,750 Gold
    for a 30 day month. This more than doubles what a $15 purchase of Gold normally gets you! This goes out at 8:00pm EST everyday.

    • You have access to new items on The Gold Shop! As of now this includes User Title customization. You can purchase a User Title and change it to anything you like, and you may also purchase a color / shadow / glow just like you can for your Username. There are exceptions to this, PLEASE do not use a User Title that could confuse any other members such as fake Staff titles or anything that could harm the integrity of Annihilus. If you ever cancel your subscription you will keep your User Title changes, but you will no longer be able to purchase future User Title changes unless you re-subscribe.

    • A golden name in the Discord server, along with access to the private subscribers chat on there as well. Please PM me your Discord name when you subscribe as I will have to add you to the Discord group manually.

    If you are interested you can go here to setup your Subscription. You can also go to Settings at the top right of the website then go to "Paid Subscriptions" on the left of the Settings page to navigate to it manually. It is $15.00/month, or you can do 3/6/12 months upfront to get increasing discounted prices. You will automatically be put into the Subscriber Usergroup, so make your way to the Subscriber forum afterwards and read the stickied thread for more details!
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