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    First of all this is amazing diablo 2 server but at some point if person dont know much of this game will leave it so soon because of guides. There are spesific guides about time rift, uber etc.. But something is missing that is what ever I do I cant kill them even if I kill them I spent 1 hour to kill 1 boss with 2-3 chars as necro barb bowazon. I tried necro,sorc,javazon,bowazon,barb,paladin but I kill only stitches as easily other ones ahhh... If Im lucky I only 1 hit before I die immediately I dont know what to do anymore which item should I need or how to get it I use bowazon mostly coz it is the best to hit before die. I have so many times searched about guides but so far nothing interesting. I know Im doing something wrong but what that is I dont know.

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    Your best bet is to join the discord server and ask for help there.

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