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Thread: [Item Filter] - Xardas Variant PRO V2

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    [Item Filter] - Xardas Variant PRO V2

    Hey everyone,

    I have finally gotten around to making a new item filter that is compatible with the new method Anni mod now uses. You can download it via the attachment in this thread. I will update this new thread as time goes on. If you have any questions or concerns you can pm me directly either in Discord or in game. Special thanks goes to Research for his recently updated filter maker.

    Have fun!

    =Changes in PRO V2=

    *Now shows only elite tier items of all qualities, except for sets. All set items will still show up regardless of tier. Grand charms, quest items, and flawless gems and other useful items are still unhidden. See below.

    *Certain items may still show up, as the filter is only aware of most, but not all item codes. To correct this, hover your mouse over any item and press the Delete key. To unhide an item, hover the mouse over the item in question and press the Backspace key.
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    Ohh nice, I'll test it out tonight!

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