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Thread: Annihilus: Souls of the Rift

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    Annihilus: Souls of the Rift

    Introducing the Major Update for Annihilus, titled Souls of the Rift.

    We've waited a very long time to be able to make this announcement. Starting this weekend, our Staff and Subscribers are going to be starting Beta Phase 1 for our LONG awaited update, Souls of the Rift. This update has had many aliases in the past, such as "7.0", "6.8", "patch?", and many others. As we drew closer to the having a game ready for playtesting, we realized simple numbers just did not do it justice. This is essentially a brand new mod, and is much more amazing than I ever expected it would be. If anything, it definitely felt like an Expansion set, so we came to the conclusion a title was the way to go. The name may sound familiar, we heavily hinted towards it with the items found in the final patch of Annihilus Legacy. We landed on this name because the finalized version of this update will focus heavily on Rifts throughout Sanctuary, and the MANY souls you will be collecting inside of your Annihilus to customize and empower your character throughout their story.

    I say this in every thread I make, but I just want to genuinely thank all of you who have patiently stuck around while waiting over TWO whole years for this update! It has truly been a journey, and while our Subscribers and Staff are about to get their hands on the first playable version, there is still a ways to go. As I previously mentioned, this is Beta Phase 1 of the Beta process. During this phase we will mostly be testing the core gameplay changes, along with the story and item progression. Many things will not be available until later Phases, such as anything Endgame related, the Rifts showing up and the Soul collecting. This is necessary, as there will already be an overwhelming amount of things to test. In my (definitely biased) opinion, this is going to be one of the most revolutionary Diablo II mods that has ever been released to the public. I look forward to hearing the thoughts of my fellow players, I truly hope the ridiculous amount of time and hard work we've put into this shows through.

    The Closed Beta Phase 1 Patch Notes can be found here.

    For all Subscribers and Staff, you will find the instructions on how to login to the beta here very shortly. I encourage all of you to get on the Annihilus Discord if you haven't already and have me flag you as a Subscriber so we can have live discussion in the beta channel.

    For those who are interested in subscribing and have not yet, or just do not know what a Subscriber is, you can read up on it here.

    And lastly, there are so many people that made Souls of the Rift possible. I am sure I will mistakenly forget a few(apologies in advance if I forgot you!), but here are some people that were vital in some way to the creation of SotR:

    My Family
    The Phrozen Keep Community
    The Diablo 2 / Blizzard North Developers
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