Personal Information:

1. Name - I Go by Jay, But real name is Jacob.

2. Age - 32 in December

3. Location - Michigan, USA

4. General Moderating Experience - I Have moderated a lot of things throughout my life, being private diablo servers, runescape servers, face book groups "3 groups I moderate now have 40k+ members"

Diablo Information:

5. Account in-game - Jay-

6. How long have you played Diablo II - 18-20 years

7. PvPGN (private server) Moderating Experience - I Played on Apocolypse realm for quite a few years "Also know as temple of zakarum, sebzys realm" I was a In game moderator for this realm for several years.

8. What position are you applying for (Event Manager/Game Master/Wiki Staff) - Game Master, I am most active in game and discord, rather than the site.

9. Why do you feel like you would qualify as a staff member and benefit the server - I'm extremely active, 4-6 hours a day if not more, I have over 15 years of moderating experience, the short time I have been with annihilus I have become quite familiar with the game and its mechanics, I enjoy helping as much I as I can for the new members and players we get, rather it be starter gear, rushes, or information. I believe this benefits the server by keeping new players interested and coming back to play more.

any info you questions feel free to pm me or message me on discord "JTGamingTV"

Thanks for your time.