6.x Bosses: Trials

With the release of 6.0, the mark system was scrapped. This means no more endless farming of Duriel, Diablo and Baal in hopes of marks, and no more praying for world drop marks.

You are now guaranteed at least one boss fight a day through simply being level 95 and having access to act four. You find the bosses by going in the Nephalem portal, located to left of the stash.

How it works

Once a day, you may enter the Nephalem portal with a character that is level 95+, and break the stone in there to spawn three portals. All three portals lead to the same place, which is one of a few boss maps. Some are long, some are simply arena's. Some are even familiar areas re-appropriated. Three portals means you get three tries, after your third death you are locked out. Don't fret, however, you can always get a new trial through using a token of trials (purchasable from Hadriel for 200 gold, or found in Infernal chest of Champions, unlockable through a single high rune, which is vex+).

You can also bring a friend if they haven't done their trial for the day, but that will consume their trial attempt.

Each boss has a few unique items they can drop, but the drop rates are low, as opposed to the mark system where a boss unique was a guaranteed drop. Each boss will also drop a Greater Orb of Potential, used to upgrade a neo-annihilus to the fourth tier.

Will update with pictures of trial items, nephalem portal, portal room and boss entrances later.

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