A guide to Neo Anni and Forbidden Charms.

The Neo Annihilus drops from Time Rift Diablo. It starts with 1 all skills/10 attributes/10 all resists/a few other mods. You can upgrade it with orbs of potential. Each upgrade adds +5 attributes/+5 all resists and allows you to equip one additional forbidden charm.

Where to find each level of orb of potential
To upgrade your neo anni, take 20 orbs of the level you need to upgrade (you start with 1, then 2, etc.) and cube them with your neo anni one at a time.

Tier 1 Orbs (lesser orb of potential)
Act Bosses (All 5)

Tier 2 Orbs (orb of potential)
Dreamland bosses, Time Rift bosses, FF8 bosses, Stitches, Lich King

Tier 3 Orbs (greater orb of potential)
Cthulhu, Reziarfg, Deckard Cain, Cow Queen

Tier 4 Orbs (elder orb of potential)
Azmodan, Belial, Ctogga, Malthael, Trag Oul, Tyrael, Uldyssian

Tier 5 Orbs (ultimate orb of potential)

Forbidden Charms
Forbidden charms are very rare and require at least a lvl 1 neo anni to use. You can equip them without a neo anni, but they will basically break your character if they are identified. Just try it and see what happens ;).

Boss Drop
Each of the five FF8 bosses, Omega, and Ultima drops a special forbidden charm. I'd estimate the drop rate at 1:50-100.
Omega - 3 all skills, 20% attributes, awesome nv
Ultima - 5-10% All/True Damage Reducation (ADR)
Bahamut - -15-30% all enemy resistances
Squall - 150-250 %ed, 30-60 ias
Griever - 10-20% light damage, 5-10% max light resist
Diablos - 15-25% vitality, 10-20 telekinesis
Ifrit - 10-20% fire damage, 5-10% max fire resist

World Drop
These can drop from any monster in hell according to the 6.0 patch notes. The drop rate is just astronomically low.

Note: These are just what I remember from beta. There are probably more that I don't remember and the numbers may not be exactly correct. For anyone who played beta who remembers anything I missed, please feel free to edit.
+1-2 class skills (any of the 7 classes)
+10-20% poison, cold, or magic damage, maybe max resist as well
+10-20% physical, magic resist

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