Cerebus' Virus

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  1. i didnt know this existed :O, ill buy it off you
  2. Nope, this is a world drop. It can drop anywhere that is ilvl87 or higher.
  3. @game would you make a list of places that are 87+ ? i never knew how to know the ilvl of an area
  4. Frigide just pick up an item that a monster drops from the area, look at what the item level is on the item. If its 87 or higher you're good. You can google the places that were ilvl 87 in vanilla d2, and you can assume all places I've added custom in the end game is higher than 87 aside from plaguelands, it is 85.
  5. Combo this with kaaluts chest for the aura. Great
    hell cow runner. Alot of fun also.