Skull of the Unclean

Drops from Ifrit in a5 icy cellar. Its off the ancients way.

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  1. dude :´D is this cellar also a kamikatze thing for you?
  2. yeah, shield throw is best i can do so far. But with no way to mitigate magic damage from searing light, its rough
  3. I'd like to see some physical pierce added to this. Maybe 20. Since helms can roll 300% ed and 30 pierce I think they'd not be op. Just a thought.
  4. agree, skull of unclean and corlic's honor are missing some phys pierce
  5. I'm able to hit 200% phys pierce on my barb before amp. And no deadly sin weapons. Also ww barbs are really strong, while it's my favorite character I would not agree with buffing them.
  6. I am starting to think this helm is a myth in 6.0. I have done well over 100, mind numbing, icy cellar runs and nothing
  7. Update to this page: Drops from infernal chests dropped by mobs in inferno areas. These areas are the Stony Tomb in Act 2, (cave in area outside town) The Swampy Pit in Act 3, (flayer jungle wp) The Icy Cellar in Act 5, (cave in ancients way) and the Act 5 red portals. (frigid highlands, arreat plateau, frozen tundra) Bosses within these areas (mechanized destroyer, swamp king, Spawn of Ifrit) have a higher chance of dropping these chests.

    So basically, kill the bosses in any of these areas for the best odds of getting infernal chests. Icy Cellar is the hardest of these areas. I would recommend spamming the boss in the swampy pit instead.
  8. So I havent seen an infernal chest drop in 6.0 after hundreds of runs. So what you are saying is IF i find one, there is a ''possibility'' the chest may contain the helm?
  9. took me over 1000 runs to find it off spawn of ifrit. i mentioned this to alex and he didn't seem to care much.