View Full Version : SotR 1.1 Changelog: March 27th, 2020

03-31-2020, 12:16 AM
SotR 1.1 March 27th, 2020 Changelog:

Core Changes:

• The ladder has reset! Good luck on the race to Level 99!

• The endgame "map" system Riftstones has been implemented. You can find Riftstones from Rifts that are Level 70+.

• The Lich King fight has returned with a brand new written from scratch AI, making him one of the most exciting and challenging boss fights yet. (Will be enabled at a future date!)

• Several new Unique Items have been added.

• A new Loot Filter has been implemented and is VERY customizable. You can find more info on our wiki here (https://annihilus.net/wiki/index.php/Item_Filter).

Monster Changes:

• Ctoggha and Trag'Oul now have a chance to drop their exclusive Unique Items.

Skill Changes:

• Whirlwind has been reverted back to its "Classic" form, hitting every 4 frames regardless of attack speed.

Item Changes:

• Almost every Magic Find Unique has been nerfed in attempt to lower total Magic Find values.

• Tir / Amn Runes have had their leech lowered to 3%.

• Ist Rune Magic Find values have been lowered.

• Bloodletter's Blood Cyclone now hits more often.

Misc Changes:

• Rift Monsters are now properly considered "Rift Monsters".

• Reanimated monsters now benefit from +% minion damage / life stats.

• Unstable Rifts / Rifts now only scale up to Level 75, down from Level 90.

• Made some changes to the Gold System to drastically lower the amount of desync that was happening.

• Improved Veiled Rift Energy, it no longer rerolls your entire item's stat ranges.

• You can now view your total deaths for a specific character with the "#deaths" command in-game.

Bug Fixes:

• The experience bar will no longer sometimes decide to run away if you gained too much experience at once.