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03-31-2020, 07:43 AM
I wanted too keep the aspect of Diablo 2 and make it look like a recent game by taking advantage of the border/background features, to get it as close as possible of a mmorpg.

/!\ Note to all users using it /!\
-Updated Version to 1.5, fixed Unique item not rendered on automap if "Ethereal" flag was set
-Updated Version to 1.4, Now using new opcode "QuestItem".
-wirt leg now correctly appear as a unique.

In Diablo 2 in-game open the "Options".
click on "Show Folder" now copy the filter there and select "Nightshades_MMORPG_V1.4".
click "Ok" and enjoy :)

The features of that filter:

-Cool looking colors that respect D2 universe.
-Riftstones will use Purple border and will also be on the mini-map as a purple dot.
-High Runes will use a red border/background and also a red dot on the mini-map.
-Uniques item and quest item will be a golden dot on the mini-map.
-All Junk crap is hidden (Normal/Magic) except for arrows,bolts, and 'magic quality' potion.
-All item will have a border depending of the tier (sockets or not), green being "Exceptional" and Red being "Elite".
-ETH item of any quality will have a RED border.

-Item with sockets will get a grey border while item having 5 sockets or more will get a red border unless the item tier is exceptional or elite.

Finally an image to illustrate all of that


04-06-2020, 11:15 PM
thank you for this! :)