View Full Version : SotR 1.1 Changelog: April 4th, 2020

04-04-2020, 03:06 AM
SotR 1.1 April 4th, 2020 Changelog:

New Features:

• Added the ability to hover over items on the ground to view their stats.
• Unique items now drop with their unique item graphic applied.
• You can now toggle show items / "Alt" back to original functionality in the Gameplay Options menu.
• Added option to remove screen centering when entering games.
• Added Automap icons for Rifts and Unstable Rifts if they are within a small range.

Challenge Changes:

• Increased the time of The Swampy Pit Nightmare Challenge by 1 minute.

Monster Changes:

• Guts' Blood Hunt damage has been further lowered.
• Legacy's Legend's Blast Wave damage has been lowered, while other skills' damage has been increased.

Skill Changes:

• Whirlwind's Weapon Damage % has been lowered to 88%, down from 110%. Now also hits every 5 frames (5 times per second) instead of incorrectly hitting 25 times a second.

Item Changes:

• Schaefer's Hammer Static Field proc rate is now 3% of your Lightning Resistance, down from 10%. Shock Web proc is now Level 40, up from 25. The Shock Web buff is not retroactive and must be rerolled.

Item Filter:

• Added new rules to the default filter
• Added "QuestItem" opcode to item filter
ex: QuestItem == true
• Removed "Quest Items" itemtype from filter
• Added stricter type checking for every item filter opcode
• Added stricter argument count checking for every item filter opcode
• Added custom format codes to the "SetItemName" item filter opcode
ex: SetItemName "Exceptional {ItemName}"

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed a bug where triggering "bleed on kill" on items such as The Gnasher could cause an instance crash.
• Fixed a bug with Trag'Oul spawning multiple times when Rathma died.
• Fixed a bug where items with modified maximum sockets could have more sockets than their maximum number when temporaled.
• Fixed a bug where Veiled Rift Energy would fail to reapply the Ethereal bonus on armors.
• Fixed a bug where Thundergod's Vigor would cause an instance crash when standing in fire.
• Fixed a bug that made shattering cold or frozen enemies impossible.
• Fixed a bug where "Wirt's leg" was being displayed as "t's leg".
• Fixed a bug where dying while using a movement ability such as whirlwind could be reversed with invulnerability.
• Fixed several instance crashes involving Riftstones.
• Fixed a bug where experience gain was being rewarded to anyone in the level.
• The Grandfather now properly requires ilvl 75 instead of ilvl 76.