View Full Version : SotR 1.1 Changelog: April 10th, 2020

04-10-2020, 03:09 PM
SotR 1.1 April 10th, 2020 Changelog:

Rift and Riftstone Changes:

• Added random layout generation for riftstone levels. Opening the same riftstones in the same game with generate a new layout each time.
• Improved the spawning of unstable rifts. They should now spawn with a much wider space around them.

Skill Changes:

• Increased the range of whirlwind from 6 yards to 7 yards.
• Increased the range of melee splash from 6 yards to 7 yards.

Item Changes:

• Modified the weighting of Mysterious Rift Energy to make unique items significantly rarer.
• Mysterious Rift Energy now has different weighting for each tier of unique (normal, exceptional, elite)

Item Filter:

• Improved the efficiency of loading item filters.
• Added borders around high runes in the default filter.

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed an instance crash involving The Iron Jang Bong.
• Fixed an instance crash related to portals inside of riftstones.
• Fixed a bug where the FullScreen option wasn't saving between game sessions.
• Fixed a bug where ComboBoxes in the user interface were getting their options stuck on the screen.
• Fixed a bug where your mercenary would fail to resurrect during certain area transitions.
• Fixed a bug where your mercenary would fail to respawn and be deleted from your character.
• Fixed a bug where mysterious orbs used on socketed items would have them appear as though they had no sockets.
• Fixed a bug preventing reanimation from functioning.