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Thread: guide to posting images to the wiki

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    guide to posting images to the wiki

    How to take screenshots, crop images, upload them to the internet(, and use them for the wiki:


    In diablo 2, hover your mouse over the item you wish to screenshot.

    HOLD ctrl so the variables on the item pop up, and HIT Print Screen

    open microsoft paint(it comes with Windows)

    hit the paste button--an image of your whole desktop should now be in the canvas area

    crop images:

    zoom-out(ctrl+mouse wheel) so you can easily drag things from one side of the canvas to the other

    use the "select" tool(rectangle with dotted lines) to outline the area you want an image of

    drag what you just outlined up to the top left corner of the canvas--line it up so it's nice and clean with the upper and left limits of the canvas // if you screw up, just hit the "undo" button(looks like a U-turn symbol)

    now resize the canvas so it's closer to the edge of what you just selected and dragged, by dragging the square outside the canvas' bottom-right point

    zoom-in(ctrl+mouse wheel) and resize the canvas again so it lines up better with the edge of what you selected


    if you also want to make a thumbnail, make sure its square(x=y), and use SAVE AS to save it without overwriting your first image

    upload these images to the internet:

    note: works well with our wiki, so I use it, but it's gotten a tiny bit more complicated recently.

    go to

    hit "New post"

    hit browse

    select your image from where you saved it

    hit "add another image" and upload your thumbnail

    hover over the image, then hover over the downward arrow

    click "get share links"

    copy the text in "BBCode(forums)", which should have the xhtml for images already added to the image URL, "(img) (/img)" but with brackets instead of parenthesis .

    edit the wiki with your new image:

    go to the page you want to edit

    delete the old image URL with it's xhtml( "(img) (/img)" )

    paste yours where the old one was

    you just updated a wiki image!

    for thumbnails:

    go to the page you want to edit

    hit edit

    scroll down to "Main Icon Image", which is under the body and "reason for editing"

    make sure "Enter the URL of an image on the internet:" is selected

    paste the URL for the image. Delete the "(img) (/img)" if you copied it from // xhtml is only used in the body of the page.


    Alright! If ya'll have any questions, please post them here and I or somebody more knowledgable(and equally masochistic) will be more than happy to help!
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