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Thread: Clan LocK Request

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    Clan LocK Request


    Clan LocK is looking for a signature GFX for our clan. We can pay in either end game items, or if must, gold. (this will be a last resort)

    Please PM either myself @Lockzilla or Lucas @Drlukifer . Thanks!
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    Hello Lockzilla,

    I noticed you are still in need of graphics for your clan so I figured I might be able to give you a hand. I've got a few so far, just let me know if you like any of them and then we'll discuss payment.

    This one contains the LocK masters. Its a bit basic but it shows a team, a single uniform with the perfect amount of diversity.

    I like this next one because its sophisticated and original. It also shows a lot of character, you will definitely stand out as someone who's got their shit maintained and locked down!

    This last one I was considering the fine LocK hang out. It expresses nothing is gonna slip by in channel LocK. It also shows reliability.

    You'll see I chose high quality brands to let everyone know you mean business! If you're considering using one of these send me a PM or a reply here and we'll get things situated accordingly.

    Thanks for the opportunity,
    - Newbify

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