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Thread: 6.0 Release Update

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    6.0 Release Update

    Hey guys, just a quick update for all so you know what is going on. Obviously 6.0 is not on the server yet, we absolutely want the launch to be as smooth as possible considering how revolutionary it is for Annihilus. We found some things we want to tidy up before pushing it to live, as they could really disrupt the game experience. There was quite a bug we discovered where objects would suddenly stop working, such as portals and waypoints. Even if we were to finish it within the next hour, I have work in just a few hours and have yet to go to bed, so putting it out now then going to bed would just be a terrible mistake.

    Firehawk will be making sure everything is properly finished and ready to go while I work, and we should be ready to go shortly after I get off work today. I get off at 7:00pm EST which is about 14 hours from this post, so it would PROBABLY be safe to assume an 8:00pm EST launch. I obviously do not like giving ETAs due what just happened on the 13th, but I just wanted to give you all a window to prepare again.

    Thank you all so much for understanding and building the hype for this patch. I know it sucks getting hyped up for the launch and it gets delayed, but I ensure you this delay was entirely necessary, and we'll make sure 6.0 is the best Diablo 2 patch you've ever played on to make up for it.

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    thx for the update

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    Thanks for update and the hard work

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