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Thread: 1v1 FPK Tourney Saturday 7PM EST

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    1v1 FPK Tourney Saturday 7PM EST

    Classes allowed; Barb/Nec/Trap/Druid

    Other realm Tourney
    Starts Saturday 7pm EST

    1st place = 5000 D2JSP FG
    2nd Place = 1000 D2JSP FG
    3rd PLace = 500 fg D2JSP FG

    1st place = 2000 Gold
    2nd Place = 1000 Gold
    3rd Place = 750 Gold

    D2JSP Thread =

    - All mods, hacks, programs are banned. (WMC and other mouse-window capture programs are allowed.)
    - Refusal to GMOD test or show gear, inventory, and/or weapon swap will result in suspension.
    - The Moor is to be cleared before dueling. It is at the players' discretion to clear the Moor.
    - Both players must signal the start of the duel.
    - No offensive abilities or curses be casted prior to your opponent signaling the start of the duel.
    - Towning or teleporting past Flavie and bridges in case of a bridge map results in a loss. (Being pushed via KB mechanics is not, come back out and re-signal the continuation.)
    - No excessive use of houses.
    - No use of shrines or wells.
    - Recasting is allowed.
    - Ties are null duels.
    - Refusal to duel results in a loss.
    - You may request a mediator for a duel, and by doing so you are accepting whatever decisions they make.
    - Overly defensive play can result in DQ but only at a requested mediator's discretion.

    - No consumables other than mana potions, arrows, and bolts.
    - No prebuffing. (Inventory/cube buff allowed.)
    - You may stack arrows in the Blood Moor before starting a duel.
    - You may stack mana potions before starting a duel only if both players agree.

    - The use of the following skill charges is allowed: Oak Sage, Heart of Wolverine
    - Doom is banned.
    - Slow is capped at 10%.
    - Max resistance is 85%.
    - Max absorb is 20%.
    - When using combinations of items to mitigate do not exceed 80 max resistances / 20 absorb to any single element.
    - Life rep is capped at 40, NOT including + rep from CTA.
    - No more than one poison damage small charm is allowed.
    - Only one item that grants CtC Life Tap can be worn at a time.
    - When using Phoenix, all monsters must be redeemed before dueling.

    Assassin Specific Rules:
    - Dual Claw Assassins with more than 1 hard skill point in any trap cannot use absorb or + max resist. Those without may use +5 max resist or 20 absorb but not both.

    Barbarian Specific Rules:
    - 2x Raven Frost is allowed (Can not stack above 310 resists)

    Druid Specific Rules:

    Necromancer Specific Rules:
    - Bone Spirit is banned for NvN (1v1 only)
    - Bone Wall is banned
    - Bone Prison is allowed only versus characters that can teleport
    - All curses are allowed except Iron Maiden and Life Tap
    - Corpse skills are banned
    - May use +15% max fire resist

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    Current sign ups

    Banned items - 08 Shako, Any hybrid runeword, Wizard spike gloves,
    If anyone needs help getting on just pm me will take 10 minutes

    1st place = 5500 FG
    2nd Place = 1000 FG
    3rd PLace = 500 fg

    1st = 2000 Anni Gold
    2nd = 1000 Anni Gold
    3rd = 750 Anni Gold
    Gold allows you to buy epic gems which makes nvs

    D2JSP - Aaronoob
    ACC - Aaronoob
    CHAR/TYPE - Barb

    D2JSP - TriWinning
    ACC - D0p3s1ck
    CHAR/TYPE ??

    D2JSP - Skidd
    ACC - Skidd
    CHAR/TYPE - Jess/Trap

    D2JSP - UghWowz777
    ACC - *mirage
    char/type O_o/Sin

    D2JSP - Ekoe
    ACC - Ekoe
    CHAR/TYPE - ???

    D2JSP - BiWinning
    ACC - ???
    CHAR/TYPE - ???

    D2JSP - ZeeOrly
    ACC - ??
    CHAR/TYPE - ???

    D2JSP - Seejay
    ACC - ??
    CHAR/TYPE - ??

    D2JSP - Pick
    ACC - ??
    CHAR/TYPE - ???

    D2JSP - Kapoo
    ACC - BBQ-
    CHAR/TYPE- ???

    D2JSP - Iverson_2k8
    ACC - Faun
    CHAR/TYPE - Darksied/Dudu

    D2JSP - Negro
    ACC - *BatPk
    CHAR/TYPE - Batpk/Trapper

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    Official event with D2JSP friends?

    Quote Originally Posted by imbanieuser View Post
    asasin has no damage at all. thats it. need remake new powerfull skill.

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