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Thread: Thraxis' Application

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    Thraxis' Application

    Personal Information:

    1. Name : Kelsey
    2. Age : 29
    3. Location : North Carolina
    4. General Moderating Experience : Moderator of various forums for ~11 years. Moderator/Head of a D2 related discord for ~1 year.

    Diablo Information:

    5. Account in-game : Thraxis, Bettymule
    6. How long have you played Diablo II : Launch day onward with various hiatuses
    7. PvPGN (private server) Moderating Experience : Beta moderator for a D2 Mod for 2 months (beta ended)
    8. What position are you applying for (Event Manager/Game Master/Wiki Staff) : Wiki staff
    9. Why do you feel like you would qualify as a staff member and benefit the server : Generally knowledgable about D2 and it's mechanics and inner workings. Able and willing to help on various projects. Able and willing to spend time working with staff for new ideas and various improvements. Usually around at odd hours. Loyal to a fault.

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    Welcome to the team! Looking forward to crushing the wiki with you, and enjoying your stream!

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