Personal Information: I'm a lover of Blizzard games, and fanatic in food. Sometimes go the special school and other days go to the work.

1. Matias Andres Moyano
2. 26
3. Argentina, Capital Federal, Bs As.
4. Previously I was Game Master or Moderator or even Admin of WoW (Multiple times in various servers) Sven Co-op, and GMOD. I'm interested to manage the chat channel and events.

Diablo Information:

5. Nekrodark
6. Since 12 years old.
7. PvPGN (private server) In WoW example... But Diablo II: LoD not... But I'm interested to prove myself can manage.
8. Game Master/Event Manager.
9. Honestly I hope you in your decision and judge me with wisdom. If I failed as a GM/EM quits me, please. Thanks for the opportunity. I think very interesting to see a Game Master.