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Thread: Shade's Ap

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    Shade's Ap

    Personal Information:

    1. Name? James
    2. Age? 34
    3. Location? CDA, ID
    4. General Moderating Experience? AOEROR Moderator, various teamspeaks and discord channels.

    Diablo Information:

    5. Account in-game? ofus
    6. How long have you played Diablo II? Since release
    7. PvPGN (private server) Moderating Experience? none
    8. What position are you applying for (Event Manager/Game Master/Wiki Staff)? GM/EM
    9. Why do you feel like you would qualify as a staff member and benefit the server? Limited coding exp in c++ and going to school for software development and design. Love the game and i'm always online. my discord name is 'ofus', looking forward to hearing from you.
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