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Thread: Rage - Open Minded, No Rules, Foreigners Friendly

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    Rage - Open Minded, No Rules, Foreigners Friendly

    Annihilus 7.0 aka Soul of the Rift is coming in a few days!
    Great playing days in perspectives! Why not join a clan?

    Rage is an old clan, had is dark ages, many left but many staid :)
    That's why we don't have much leadership neither expectations.

    Do whatever you want! Have fun!
    From the ghostplayer to the highlighted one we don't bother.
    You wanna play with other guys, clan or w/e? It's up to you!

    We have no purpose, no conditions, no organisation.
    Just a lot of love for this game and for Annihilus!
    Come and share some of yours with us!

    Here a link to our discord:

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