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Thread: samurai trade Iist

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    samurai trade Iist

    TRADE: s0uIharvest/steeIcIash/g0Idwrap/b0nesnap/face 0f h0rr0r/shaftst0p/gravespin/waII 0f the eyeIess /sparking maiI/icebIink/cr0w 0f thieves/havenIygarb/raz0rtaiI/geerk sanctuary/treads 0c cth0n/jade tan d0/r0gue b0w/ravencIaw/guIIdagger/schuthas temper/spike 0f Iazarus/nightsm0ke/vampire gaze/w0rskuII/eye 0f the etIich/raven fr0st/bk ring/nageI/manaId/the scaIper/p0is0n ward/chieftain/speIIsteII/undead cr0w/the mahim 0ak curi0/aII unique p0ti0ns/um rune/s0me hr/Effects:mephist0/tyraeI wings/bI0dtraiI/fiercyf00tprint/purpIefIame/ephemeraIs/c0smics/temp0raI/veiIed/v0ided/transcient
    tyraeI wings dem0n wings indescent wings bIue gr0w squech bI00d traiI fiercy f00tprints mephist0 and purpIe fIames effects

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    wuw for spellsteal?

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