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Thread: begginer Sorcerer build

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    begginer Sorcerer build


    sorcerer is good for begginers in SoTR?
    And what's the better build for beggin HELL and Rifts?
    I dont have any itens, will start the game.


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    Ive started as sorcress too.

    Its a bit of a glasscannon at the start but once you got some levels going, a well build es sorc is pretty durable

    Balance wise i think, everything in her elementalist tree is playable. Havent tried lightning yet but her pyroblast / flamestrike hits pretty good against singletarget and smaller groups of enemys and the typical frozen orb build has good overall damage and ofcourse a freeze effect.

    Whats good to know: Skill one skill as high as possible, get some points in energy to be able to cast all the time and also gain damage. Craft rings and amulets early on for +1 lightning or whatever you play with with those transient, radiant etc energys. Just use them, you find plenty. And, for example once youre over lvl 20 and the frozen orb damage becomes equivalent to what you actually use, just reskill your character at akara in act 1 like (a1, q1 den of evil gives reskill like in DIILoD)

    at least thats what ive done. You can just aswell ask for a rush and try to get leveled up in hell by someone... :P

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