Annihilus Legacy goes Live October 31st, 3:00pm EST.

Happy Halloween everyone! We are still working relentlessly on getting new content into Souls of the Rift, but we are very much aware of the requests for Annihilus Legacy to return. We know the next SotR content patch is taking a while so we want to give you guys something to tide your over in the meantime. Considering all the of the spooky stuff we had in the legacy patch from last year, we figured what better day than Halloween for it to make its reappearance. It will be a fresh ladder reset, but all of your old characters are still there and intact as non ladder characters. There will be absolutely no changes to the patch, it will be the exact same version that Annihilus used before we moved over to Souls of the Rift. This means all of the holiday events will be active and double bosses will be active.

Annihilus Legacy will be just as easy to install as Souls of the Rift, we have migrated it into the SotR launcher so you can just select Annihilus Legacy on the right side of the launcher and install it from there! It has all of the same benefits as Souls of the Rift, meaning with the launcher you can launch it from virtually any version of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction without modifying your installation files. You can go ahead and install Legacy preemptively now so you're ready to jump right in tomorrow. We have added a #legacy channel in the Discord to help separate the SotR and Legacy discussion. As for the ladder reset, for now this is considered to be the last Legacy reset for a long time, possibly ever, so enjoy it while you can!