1. Cody
2. 33
3. Oklahoma, us
4. no

5. *cody
6. 15 yr
7. no
8. Game Master
9. Why do you feel like you would qualify as a staff member and benefit the server?

Main interest is to help the new players who come to the server, i want to make sure there is enough live support here on Annihilus realm to help the new players understand how the mod works, Its way different than retail D2, especially legacy it took me a good part of a month when i first logged in to figure out i had to use pierce to even deal damage, was a very rough start, so I'm sure others are going to have even more problems starting out here.
i want to help us thrive, I want the new players to have somebody they can turn to with any questions about the mod. I am currently teaching this mod to anybody who needs guidance, i want to become a game master simply to direct more of the new players my way, feel like that's one way to help the server thrive.