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Thread: Biddy GM Application

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    Biddy GM Application

    1. Name - Biddy is a nickname I've had since I was a kid
    2. Age - 35
    3. Location - USA (mountain time)
    4. General Moderating Experience - Moderated a couple different community channels online (not gaming related) in the past.

    Diablo Information:

    5. Account in-game - Morea
    6. How long have you played Diablo II - Since 2002
    7. PvPGN (private server) Moderating Experience - Led a clan back in Vanilla D2 days, but haven't gamed much since. Annihilus brought me back!
    8. What position are you applying for (Event Manager/Game Master/Wiki Staff) - Game Manager or whatever is needed to help the community.
    9. Why do you feel like you would qualify as a staff member and benefit the server - I like getting to know the community and being helpful where I can. I spend more time on this that I do at my job, so it should be a good fit
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