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    Talking [Mind Blast] Sin

    Hi! A diary of making ssf (solo self-found) build:

    checkout the Mind Blast Assassin.

    I noticed it's "+":

    - unlocked from 5th lvl
    - large aoe
    - knockback
    - deals phys dmg
    - it can crit
    - it can leech life/mana
    - uses FCR (faster cast rate) animation frames

    Benefits from:
    +All Skills,
    +Shadow Disciplines,
    +Phys Skills,
    +% Phys dmg mod
    +% Increased Damage* like on The Mahim-Oak Curio (uniq amulet)
    + Strength (increases %phys dmg)
    + Dexterity (increases crit dmg Multiplier)

    skill's downside "-":
    - big mana cost

    LVL <30

    I went 90% STR and 10% DEX with assigning stats - (dex for claw equip)

    Mana need is covered by Eth Rune in every socket i successively rolled.
    - Tir rune's mana per kill don't really work better so Mana Regeneration was more reliable
    also when fighting bosses.

    *I completed the challenge30 on 23lvl - i used the quest Viper Ammy to increase my mana pool.
    ** Mephisto's Soul in Anni's slot will reduce mana cost with every captured soul.

    Skills <30lvl
    x Claw Mastery 1
    x Burst of Speed 1
    x Mind Blast - Max
    *guess u can keep it on low lvl to spam,
    tho imo it's better to just run & drag monsters and hit 2k dmg once a while.
    x Fade 1
    *covers some resistance needs /or point until u reach Blade Shield (req 30lvl)
    x Claw Block 1
    *would be perf to get 2x [eth] Claws with +Shadow Disc (passive)
    +All Skills or +Phys Skills
    also at least one should have "Added damage" Directly to weapon
    NOT the one named "added to weapon attacks".

    On from lvl 30 i will max Blade Shield,
    and put 1pt into Smoke Screen (mobility and dodge chance while elite or boss fights)

    and Shadow Strike (teleports you to target in "line of sight").

    Mind blast dmg : 2,400phys
    At this point you can fill your weapon slots with Tir runes for Mana Leech.
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    LvL 60 challenge

    My skill Tree:

    x Claw Mastery Max
    x Mind Blast Max
    x Blade Shield Max
    x Burst of Speed 1
    x Fade 1
    x Weapon Block 1
    x Smoke Screen 1
    x Shadow Strike 1
    x Venom 1

    I tried it twice before lvl 60, but my build was not optimised.
    Above i wrote the winning setup.
    With all souls my dmg/dps:
    MB :3,8k
    BS :3,8-4,3k
    V: 0,5k
    Crit Chance: 36%

    Str: 250
    Dex: 92
    Vit: 100
    Ene: 42 (*no points invested in ene)

    I reached lvl60 just before Ancients NM
    and went to craft gear for Challenge

    *If u need good bases to make gear - i advise ilvl60+
    (can check that with your cursor over item+holding down [Ctrl] key)
    You can find those from rifts (they should drop items of ilvl equal Your current clvl
    just remember not to exp over 60lvl.

    **tip: Take a Combat Shrine and/or Skill Shrine before entering Challenge.
    (unlikely to complete it on first attempt, without teleport/not knowing the 3rd lvl
    layout - i've seen 3 so far)
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    Entering Hell difficulty i decided to MaX Venom next and pump points into Vitality
    *lot beefy monsters have 40% phys resist, and you need some other dmg source
    to keep up clear speed
    **i guess u will need around 115dex for elite base claws;
    besides that - on Hell diff (for progressing) i see Vitality, and resist capped as priority.

    Random spawn Rifts will be Your exams - are u tanky+dps'er enough on your ilvl/clvl.
    *Item/Character Level
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    Sadly i have to admit fail with The 8olvl Challenge

    tried few setups, tho just when i was gathering 80lvl+ bases before crafting
    i overlvld (exp on maps was going so fast i just realised i was almost 82lvl :P)

    Atm using Uniqs:
    *Switched Greater Soul to Andariel's
    Mahim-Oak Curio amulet - combat speeds10% and dmg
    Bloodfist - makes skills cost life instead of mana *using Amn runes in weapons now
    Skin of Vipermagi - was lucky to find first core item when passing River of Flames
    rest gear is focussing on stats:
    +3 to Physical Skills
    +% Physical damage
    +% increased Critical Chance
    +% increased Critical Damage
    Faster Cast Rate

    Stats lvl86:

    Str 165 - i upped Vmagi chest but i think it was a mistake making it a bit heavy
    Dex +300 - pumping all points there to increase Critical Damage %
    Vit 200 - i have 2000+ hitpoints atm with capped resists, some up to 80%
    Ene 50~ (not putting any points there)

    MindBlast dmg 6k
    Crit Chance 70%
    Crit Damage 230%

    Managed to get souls from Map bosses 75,77,80
    85lvl map bosses will take major HP/Resist upgrades

    focusing now on getting my Crit chance to 100% and further rising CritDmg multiplier
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    Took me a while to find more efficiency from Skill Tree:P

    I quit using Blade Shield, Venom.
    Instead I maxed Tiger Strike and Combo Mastery in Martial Art tab - both increase dmg per active charges.
    *Making it a wind-up type of use - it doubles Mind Blast's damage
    +adds a single target skill (Tiger Strike/melee), which Shadow tree lacks.

    At maximum active charges make MBlast 6k into 15K dmg + multiplied by 250%crit modifier
    so it's a major DPS+ / charges last 15sec, so have to re-wind after that time
    bit clunky but doubling dps output worth imo.

    To be continued...

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