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Thread: Legacy Update 6.8 & Ladder Reset on Friday, October 15th 2021

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    Legacy Update 6.8 & Ladder Reset on Friday, October 15th 2021

    Annihilus Legacy Patch Update 6.8 & Ladder Reset on Friday, October 15th at 3:00pm EST.

    Hello everyone! As stated in the title, we have decided to do a patch update and a ladder reset for Annihilus Legacy this Friday. We have mentioned many times in the past that Legacy will never receive another update again, so I just wanted to let everyone know why this is happening and what to expect.

    As anyone who has kept an eye on our Discord knows, especially in our Patreon channel, we have been hard at work on the large update coming for Annihilus: Souls of the Rift. However, in typical Annihilus fashion, the scale of the project has gotten so large that it has caused us to miss our desired timeframe by quite a bit. We tend to dream bigger than what is realistic for a team that is the size of ours, but that hasn't stopped us from working to create a mod that matches our vision and our standards. We still fully intend for our hard work to pay off and to get this amazing project into everyone's hands.

    That being said, I will be taking a mini-hiatus from development on my end for SotR. My second child is due to be born within the next two weeks, and I will be taking time away from work and Annihilus development to spend time with my family. Firehawk will also be on hiatus as well for personal reasons. I will still be around to keep an eye on everything and chat, I will just not be actively working on the coming update. I do not have an ETA for when we will start things back up in full force, but I would hope it is sooner rather than later!

    This brings us to the topic at hand, Patch 6.8 for Annihilus Legacy. I did not want to leave everyone empty-handed, so I took some time this week to dig out the old Legacy files and setup my dev client for it. Fortunately, after doing this, updating Legacy isn't too daunting of a task because of the mature "core" it has developed over the years. So now, I want to give you an idea of what to expect with the update. It will not be a massive update as this was decided on pretty short notice, but assuming everything goes well, here is what to expect in Patch 6.8:

    - Some Skill Balancing (no reworks or overhauls, mostly number tweaks on select skills)
    - Item Balancing / minor overhauls
    - QoL changes such as not needing loaders for maximum quantity of loot and vendor items not costing Gold
    - Drop rate increases for certain items
    - Increased access to Trials
    - Minor Monster / Boss changes

    I hope to have detailed notes posted before the reset goes live on Friday! We will also be offering the usual rewards:

    1) First level 99 as well as the first omega kill on softcore will both win a custom discord rank and color as well as 4000 gold each!

    2) First level 99 as well as the first omega kill on HARDCORE will both win a (separate from softcore and higher ranking) custom discord rank and color as well as 6000 gold each!

    We want to thank everyone who has been extremely patient with us and has continued to support us throughout this long drought of content for SotR. It takes quite a toll on us mentally to continually let everyone down with the delayed release, so we cannot thank you enough for sticking it out with us. I truly hope to exceed all of your expectations once the completed version of SotR finally makes its debut. Thank you so much to our Patrons and everyone who has continued to support us financially despite all of this, your support has helped us more than you know.

    I look forward to seeing everyone on Friday! As always, I will be active in Discord to keep an eye on things and chat with everyone!


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    Thank you for your hard work and have a good time with your family!
    Much love from Canada!

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