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Thread: Happy New Year! A message from us on our 7th Anniversary.

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    Happy New Year! A message from us on our 7th Anniversary.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    I wanted to take time and make a post to check in with everyone, not just because of the new year but because as some of you know, today is actually the 7th Anniversary of Annihilus! We launched this as a very humble project on January 1st, 2015. How time flies!

    2021 was a very slow year for us, due to a mixture of big life events and burnout. Fortunately, we were able to get back on track near the end of the year and development for the next update is starting to rev up nicely. I truly believe 2022 will be the year of Annihilus, so thank you to everyone who is still checking in periodically for updates. Let's touch on what to expect from us during early 2022.

    We will be resetting the Annihilus Legacy Server on January 14th at 3:00pm EST. We actually released multiple updates for Legacy near the end of 2021, and I feel it is now polished enough to where we can do consistent ladder resets for it. For the time being, you can expect Legacy to reset every 3 months! This may change down the line once we have the vast majority of Legacy content moved over into SotR, but for now 3 months will be the schedule for Legacy ladders.

    As for SotR, we (the developers) have been streaming a very casual playthrough together every Thursday where we test out and somewhat showcase the current latest dev version of the upcoming patch. These are very raw playthroughs, so bugs and balance issues do appear here and there, but we attempt to address these shortly after they are found for the following week's session. If you're interested in checking these out or the past recordings, you can find them at

    As for the beta server for the coming update, I anticipate we will be updating it in the near future once we have finished off at least one of the larger features we're working on so they can get tested, whether it is the finalized version of Unstable Rifts or the crafting workbench. Anyone who has ever had access to SotR's beta in the past from being a Patreon supporter will still have access to this beta, and thank you so much to everyone who is still supporting us on Patreon! You've helped keep us afloat during very trying times. I cannot thank you enough.

    That covers everything we have for now! We hope to have things really start ramping up from here and cannot wait to show it off on our weekly streams, thank you again so much to everyone who has waited so patiently for this coming update of Annihilus. It has taken much longer than we ever expected, but we are making absolutely sure that it is well worth the wait.

    We hope you all have an amazing 2022, and we hope Annihilus will be a large part of that!

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    Cant wait for the new sotr!! happy holidays to everyone at annihilus!!

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