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Thread: SotR Beta Changelog: April 15th, 2022

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    SotR Beta Changelog: April 15th, 2022

    SotR Beta April 15th Changelog:


    • Belial and Malthael boss fights have been added as Greater Riftstones. Their Greater Riftstones have been temporarily added to the Hadriel vendor in Act 1 for testing purposes.

    • Chain Reaction now also works with Physical skills and has been reworded to make this clear. A buff icon has also been added for further clarity.



    • Shock Wave's missile count now increases with +% Increased Area of Effect.


    • Poison Slash is now a Level 1 skill. Damage per level has been increased at higher levels, base range has been increased, and submissiles now carry 25% Weapon Damage.

    • Bone Spike base range has been increased.

    • Bone Armor now regenerates itself every 20 seconds, and explodes into bone shrapnel when the shield is broken, dealing magic damage equal to its absorption. It is now also considered a spell and has a percentage mana cost.

    • Poison Nova is now a Level 5 skill. Damage per level has been increased at higher levels.

    • Bone Spirit is now a Level 5 skill and has been completely reworked.

    • Poison Explosion Damage per level has been increased, and the poison clouds now last longer. Cooldown is now lowered by .5 seconds when killing an enemy, up from .2.

    • Corpse Explosion is now a Level 20 skill and Damage per level has been increased. Cooldown is now lowered by .5 seconds when killing an enemy, up from .2.

    • Poison Maelstrom has been completely reworked.

    • Bone Spear has been completely reworked.

    • Skeleton Lich's Poison Nova now spawns from the target's body instead of its own. Skeleton Lich no longer casts Bone Spear as it is now a cooldown skill.


    • Combustion's missile count now increases with +% Increased Area of Effect.


    • Runemaster's stats have been increased, and it can now get 6 sockets.

    • Widowmaker (unique Ward Bow) has been enabled.

    • Harlequin Crest (unique Shako) has been enabled.

    • Arkaine's Valor (unique Balrog Skin) has been enabled.

    • Gladiator's Bane (unique Wire Fleece) has been enabled.

    • Leviathan (unique Kraken Shell) has been enabled.

    • Death's Web Spiders have had their base damage increased and now properly benefit from the owner's stats, such as +% Elemental Damage, Critical Strike, etc. Also fixed an issue causing the Death Web to be slightly smaller than intended.

    • Band of Sin's pierce has been lowered, and Sin Beam's damage has been lowered.

    • Greater Riftstone drop rate has been lowered from both global Rift drops and Riftstone boss drops.


    • Azmodan's Minions of Sin now use Maul instead of Feral Rage.


    • Arcane Sanctuary is now a static layout that never changes and is much smaller in size. However, The Summoner's spawn location will still alternate between the routes. False paths will contain a mirror image of The Summoner, who opens a portal back to the beginning of Arcane Sanctuary when defeated.

    • Arachnid Lair now contains a Rift that leads to Araneae's Nest with an optional mini-boss, Arsect the Venomous. Defeating him will open a portal that takes you straight to Flayer Jungle's waypoint, skipping Great Marsh completely. (Thanks to Spike for creating the map!)


    • Fixed an issue with Venomgrip not properly recoiling poison damage.

    • Fixed an issue causing poisoned enemies to gain fire resistance.

    • Characters will no longer "kick" the Riftstone Vessel when activating it.
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