Annihilus Legacy 6.12.2 Changelog:



Zeal's damage per level has been increased at later levels.

Concentration no longer grants "uninterruptible", as this stat is very buggy. This should also resolve the issue with it causing Teleport to sporadically not cast.


Flamestrike's damage synergy has been decreased to 25%, down from 30%.


Melee Auxiliary (unique Jewel) has been added to Charsi. This will give players early access to melee splash.

Windforce's Windstorm proc damage has been slightly decreased.

Book of the Abyss now decreases all resistances by -30%, up from -50%. Now increases elemental damage by 20-40%, up from 15-30%. Now adds 100-200 flat damage, up from 50-100.

Holy Judgment's Worldstone Barrage proc now properly benefits from +% increased magic damage.


Skeletal Lich boss in the Haunted Forest is no longer considered as a flying monster and will not be able to fly over water.


You can now teleport in the Labyrinth of Madness.