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Schaefer's Hammer

Legendary Mallet
Item Code: 7wh

Tier 1
One-Hand Damage: (135-157) To (255-297)
Added Damage: 200-300
Level Requirement: 75
Required Strength: 220

Has a Chance to Cast Level 10 Static Field on Melee Attacks Equal to 10% of your stacked Lightning Resistance
Increases Maximum Life % Equal to 10% of your stacked Lightning Resistance
40% Chance to cast level 25 Shock Web when you Kill a Staggered Enemy
20% Increased Attack Speed
200-250% Increased Weapon Damage
Adds 200-300 Lightning Damage to Weapon Attacks
+75-100 to Life
20-30% Increased Damage against Elite Monsters
+20-40% to Lightning Resistance


Ogre Maul
Item Code: 7m7

Tier 1
Two-Hand Damage: (192-220) To (514-588)
Added Damage: 350-450
Level Requirement: 67
Required Strength: 250

Level 15-25 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped
Whirlwind leaves a trail of Tornadoes in your wake, dealing the same Damage as Whirlwind
+5 to Physical Skills
40-50% Increased Missile Speed
20-30% Increased Run Speed
30% Increased Attack Speed
250-300% Increased Weapon Damage
Adds 350-450 Physical Damage to Weapon Attacks
20-30% Increased Physical Damage
20-30% Chance of Staggering Blow
+10-20 to Whirlwind