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Welcome to the Annihilus Wiki! Feel free to add any items / information into the Wiki that isn't already present, just be sure it is in the appropriate category, and please include a screenshot. Thanks to everyone who helps us fill it up with all of our items, This is very much a work in progress and is going to be a team effort from the community!

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  1. So glad we have a wiki! cant wait to see this thing filled up :O
  2. Noticed some of the item photos where removed, can we get an updated version of them?
    Also, ISO wf pic.
  3. I'm sure this has already been asked, but where can I find a post concerning where best certain items drop (I have an idea for a number of such by now, but I'd like further clarification). Also I read somewhere that its likely to find charm skillers in NM cows (as opposed to hell cows?) . Is this true?
  4. Well, its all about the item levels. The skillers for example: imagine a grand charm with itemlevel 5 can only have +1-3 str or +1-3 dex. The chance to find a +str charm here is 50%. If you now have a lvl99 grand charm, the chance to get + str on it are pretty low, cuz the charm can have any possible stat... Same with the skillers. Thatswhy you farm them in nightmare, so they do not have a too high chance to get something else than a skiller. The chance to find a skiller with +life is probably bettet in hell tho.
  5. Very interesting. I'll give it a shot while farming.
  6. Just to note, one of the custom belts hasn't been posted (a certain gold girdle if I'm not mistaken).
  7. If you are referring to the Tyrael Belt. It is called Heavens champion and is under the elite unique items.
  8. A great addition to this would be a list of all the Annihilus-exclusive skills and their effects.
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  9. frostmourne is missing from here i think.

    here's one i found.