Buster Sword

Can be found in 2nd and 3rd inferno portals

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  1. Is this a delayed aprils fool? Looks OP as fk. But cool too
  2. Indeed, it's good but not OP. It's mostly for WW barb, since it is INSANELY slow.
  3. Hey Game, is there any chance that we might see -phys damage resistance facets jewels added to the rotation in the near future?
  4. As Lampo said, maybe a Cain jewel, but probably not a facet!
  5. I would much rather have phys pierce stats instead of an increase to phys damage. Otherwise I would just stack dragon jewels.
  6. I think you misunderstand. Cain Jewel pierces -10% Magic Resist on the magic roll, it'd be the same for physical.
  7. You're right, I missed the possibility for a -10% resist roll. Although, I still think that it would be nice to be able to farm for something like that outside of the Crucible. There are those of us who prefer the solo life:) Wishful thinking I suppose:)
  8. Random question, but has anyone tried this out with a Shape-shifting Druid with fullmoon? I was wondering how fast or slow this would be with that.
  9. Unfortunately, feral attack speed doesnt work the way it is supposed to. If it did, this item would be absolutely busted on a shifter. But its base stats are good enough that if you wanted to, you could just socket it with shaels and use ias enchants and have dps comparable to or higher than a physical zealot or frenzier. I forget what my exact calculations on it were.
  10. What type of damage is meteorain? Is it entirely physical?
    Veni Vidi Vici - I came, I saw, I conquered
  11. Game, could you tell us what weapon it represents? like thunderfurry was phase blade or berserker axe (I dont remember exactly) . Would like to know ias frames of this weapon.
  12. thunderfury & frostmourne = berserker axe
    el druin = phaseblade
    buster sword = thunder maul
  13. does it drop as a phase blade on the ground or what ? :D
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