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Welcome to the Content Guides and Character Builds / Guides Section!

In this section you will find information about:
  • PvP and PvM Character Builds
  • Mf Guides
  • Beginner Guides

As well as many other helpful guides about anything you can do in Annihilus!

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  1. Would be good to see smiter paladin, necro , barb builds
  2. barb build.... throw shield + synergies.
    Bo, Co, jump, improve speed, improve res, iron skin .

    Stuff : full Immortal king set + stormshield or dragon bulwark.
    amulet : highlord
    rings : raven frost + whatever.

    gameplay: lock the strongest ennemy in the pack, click on throw shield skill.
    You can drink a coffee and take the drops.
  3. Hi a need a guide to assa ! The best assa for everthing I have full set natalya and bartuc and jade talon! Also i have shadow killer claws ! I want answer !!!! Pls help !!!!
  4. Assa cant do everything. worst class imo

    Try to use full set + stormshield + saracens. Do 20 into death sentry for corpse explosion (cows/plaguelands)

    And either shuriken flip + synergie, or make a standart kicksin.

    I havent tryed this builds yet, but they should work. You will probably habe survival issues. There are no tips in this case :) ive never tryed to make an asn tanky
  5. Hi Alin197,
    unfortunatly unstuffed assassin are not really usable for late game content nowadays, specialy without real stuff.
    Thus you Can do some Hell cows, 8 players in game its pretty fast due to exploding traps, plus i may be able to do plague lands, but i will full tal i am really not sure about that.
    Just boost shuriken flip and his synergies, get the exploding trap. This trap is based on physical dmg so CB/DS/ et so on are welcome, claw specialisation too. of course you ll need claw block and some other comon stuff for survivability =).
    Oh and life leech and life/hit is what mainly will keep you alive.
    Venom helps a lot, and if you can amp dmg... even better HF!
  6. thx guys !!!! now i try to figured out about error unhadled exception ! Thx !
  7. We would be ok for me to add a new page regarding tips/recommendations on what mercenary people ought to use or should I first do that on a separate thread and let the staff post or re-post what I mentioned here?
  8. everyone is able to create a new page here and also edit the page afterwards.

    It just needs a gm/admin/god to approve the edits :) just hit me a pm in this case and ill approve it asap.
  9. Ok, I figured as much. Let me keep making some adjustments on other notes I've been taking, and I'll start submitting previews.
  10. yyeah please more builds information here !! someone
  11. wired when i ask abouth a build was tell me : go at wiki .....

    i wanna build a zealler and a smiter .....

    no see any guide abouth it ....
  12. The character and Strategy Guides section is usually a better bet for guides than the wiki. Check out these links for some ideas.
  13. Could someone add a working Vengeance build arround here please?
  14. Here is an example of the magic version
  15. Anyone have a good Lighting Sorc Build? Skills+ Gear :) Thanks !