HoLy's Drive-By Sorc Guide

HoLy's Drive-By Sorceress Guide

Drive-By Sorcs are one of my favorite PvP characters in the game. Although, requires no skill, quite annoying and very BM if you know what you are doing. They are pretty easy to make, cheap (unless powerful) and extremely easy to use. The idea of the drive-by sorc is to teleport around the players preventing them from hitting you, as you deal damage and kill them flawlessly with your Mercenary. I will be listing pros and cons as well as gear and skills/stats. I am open to any suggestions and criticism.

- Very Agile
- Easy to use
- Deals major damage
- Fun to Play
- Cheap to make

- Extremely squishy
- Mana Spender
- BM (Bad Manors)

Cold Spells
1 - Ice Bolt
1 - Frozen Armor
1 - Ice Blast
1 - Shiver Armor
1 - Chilling Armor

Lightning Spells
1 - Charged Bolt
1 - Static Field
1 - Telekinesis
1 - Nova
1 - Lightning
1 - Chain Lightning
1 - Teleport
20 - Lightning Storm
20 - Lightning Mastery

Fire Spells
1 - Fire Bolt
1 - Warmth
1 - Fire Ball
20 - Enchant
20 - Fire Mastery

95 Total Spell Points Used

*These spells are based of a level 99 character. If you make the character on d2pk server, you will have 15 point remaining. (Energy Shield, Chilling Armor is optional of course)

-Enough to wear gear
-Primarily focus Vitality and Mana
-Stats do not have to be specific but recommend max block


- Griffon's Eye
- Mara's Kaleidoscope
- Infinity
- Jeweler's Armor (4 Light Facets)
- Frostburn
- 2x Stone or Jordans
- Treks

- Act 1 (Any mode)
- Fortitude Armor
- Faith GM Bow (Crucial)
- Vampire's Gaz/Guillium's Face/Dream/Dragon

*There are many different items that can be as good as another. Try a few different ones and see which build works for you. These are the basics and can have many different variants. You guys understand the point. This is one of those characters that are funny and fun to play.


Essentially what you want to do is, enchant your mercenary giving him tons of fire damage on top of his Faith's Aura and his Dream/Dragon's aura. Your character is equipped with Infinity giving enemy -resistances and making you deal more damage. You will also be using the lightning storm as you teleport around the dueling area. All that, dealing damage to your foes. I used to do this back in .09, and .10 patch back in the day. Very fun and annoying for enemies.

*I'm open for suggestions and if you feel something else would work much better, by all means go for it. I'm not an expert at PvP but this is what worked for me.

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