Serkos’s Annihilus 6.1.1 guide to starting out

Serkos’s Annihilus 6.1.1 guide to starting out

Alright I made this guide because many of the old guides are updated and its hard to know whatever content to go for as a new player. I am a recently new player on the server, been playing for about 1,5 months so I’ve not experienced the very late game yet. Everything within this guide is seen from my perspective and is discussable.

Is this server for you?
This server Is basically a kind of combination of Path of exile and Diablo 2. It is by far not as complicated as Path of Exile but has way more content than standard Diablo 2. If you feel like Path of Exile is too complex, yet enjoy the game style, then this server is for you!
If you like Diablo 2 and don’t mind finding more unfamiliar content extending upon the game, this is certainly an experience for you! Do not be turned off by the few “weird” things you will find within the game. I promise, it will make sense at some point. Having experience with both diablo 2 and path of exile, will ease the process of learning the game.

Getting started
Setting up the game
Download the game. Download a diablo 1.13c version via torrent or another source. And then download the Annihilus installer.
Adjust the resolution, this will not just allow you to see longer, but also teleport longer. Soo, do that.
Maphack is already implemented in the game, so no need to install any maphack.
You can remove certain items from showing up when holding down the ALT key. But hovering over an item name either on the ground or in your inventory and pressing DEL, the item will be hidden when pressing ALT. By pressing ALT-GR all items no matter which you have hidden will show up. By pressing BACKSPACE, hovering over an item you’ve already chosen to hide, it will now show this item again.
The player limit in each game is 64, however the drop rates and experience increase stops at 8 players.

Gold system
Now the first thing that has to be explained and which might turn you off, is the gold system. Almost nothing can be sold for in-game gold. Gold has been made an actually meaningful currency.
The way you attain gold is by either voting of donating. You get 15 gold for 1 vote, and you can vote 4 times a day. An item at the in-game vendors cost 1-2 gold. Which means you can easily buy as many items you want, by just voting a few times.
Now, I was very turned off by the idea of voting to earn in-game currency, so I completely denied to do so, in the first few days of my time on the server. You can do that too, before you feel your vote is “justified”.

Crating “essence crystals” and “orbs”
The game has implemented various crafting items, which allows you to craft new items easily. Their drop rate increases as the game difficulty increases.
Essences Crystals – These allow you to reroll rare items with new “semi specific stats” or completely new stats. This is very useful when starting out. They can give +skill, -enemy resistance, enhanced damage %, +health, +attributes and more.
Orbs – “alteration” – rerolls a magic item. “Scouring” – removes all stats and makes the item into a normal item.”. “jeweler” – changes the number of sockets on a magic item. “Orb of Corruption” – Can either do nothing, ruin your item, or make give it an additional stat of varies kinds. “alchemy” – Clears sockets and preserve the socketed gems/etc. “orb of transmogrification” rerolls properties of a unique or set item.
Enchants – Enchants is a completely new tier of stats. Enchants uses different number of “slots”. The different items slots are as follows:
Helm - 4 Enchantmentslots
Armor - 8 Enchantmentslots
Belt - 2 Enchantmentslots
Boots - 3 Enchantmentslots
Gloves - 3 Enchantmentslots
1h-Weapon - 6 Enchantmentslots
Shield - 4 Enchantmentslots
2h-Weapon - 6 Enchantmentslots
For a list of enchants see the enchantment guide. (

Act boss drops
Act bosses drop essences, 1 from each boss cubed together will create a token, which resets your talents.
Additional they drop fragments, go to Worldstone Event under “getting on with the content”, to see explanation for the usage of these.

The special shop
The varies orbs can be found at the at the special vendor in act 1 and 4. Most notable are the scroll of downgrade which lets you downgrade any rune, and these are FREE. Which means if you get a high rune you can downgrade it to whatever rune you need for a runeword or whatever.

Runewords and implicit stats
Different items have an implicit base stat, like all tiers of plate mail has an implicit roll of 1-5 max ress. This stat has no effect on what the item can roll furthermore from being normal.
All normal runewords know from diablo 2, is on annihilus with a few additional once. The most notable thing is that runewords can be made on magic items!
For an example magic body armors can roll with +1-3skills, +1 teleport, enhanced damage, and more. Making runewords very useful. Keep in mind you can reroll sockets on magic items with jeweler orbs. All maximum sockets for item bases are the same as for diablo 2, so you can use a standard diablo 2 wiki for that info.
Additionally, I want to inform, you can “farm” magic items from the vendors and get just the right base you want. There is a scroll at the special vendor, which allows you to upgrade the item tier of a magic item, since this cannot be achieved by other means, only normal items can be upgraded with the standard cube recipe.

The game has maps, just like path of exile. The maps come in difficulties ranging from tier 1 to 5. There is a a bit of a jump from tier 3 to 4. Start out with the low tier maps. Maps are opened in the “portal room” in act 5, right before the town gate, the portal room is named “Mysterious Cellar”

Leveling is harder. The level curve is steeper, meaning you will level faster in the early state. This has to do with whole new difficulty scaling and balancing.
If you choose to level by yourself you are in for a difficult and challenging experience. You will need patience and have to grind more levels than in usual Diablo 2.
Getting boosted
Getting boosted is kind of broken. The server got an option to “observe” another player. This allows you to skip directly to Baal, and therefore going to nightmare, and after to hell over the course of a few minutes. When in hell, you can be teleported to act 5, by observing a player in act 5, and the saving and quitting the game. In act 5, there is a Portal room (Just like in Path of Exile), by entering a map with a booster you can be leveled to level 90 within 10 minutes. You can now step into step 1 of the endgame.

Elements within the game
Annihilus got the same elements as Diablo 2 has, but is more widely used. The elements are as follows, as they appear when hovering over an enemy:
Physical, Magical, Fire, Lightning, Cold and Poison. They are color coded for easy recognizing.
When getting all resistance on an item, this only provides Fire, Lightning, Cold and Poison. Physical and magic are separate stats.¨

First off: Work on Torch, Annihilus Charm, and basic gear.
Getting basic gear
Getting your first gear, can be done by either grinding yourself, by grind act bosses or nightmare cow level. This is what I tried to do when I started out.
It is very likely older players will be able to help you out with basic gear. Gear which will likely look ridiculous, but hang on.
What gear to aim for
The most important stats to go for is first of max resist, this is a must for keeping alive in endgame content. Max resist I found on various uniques, and can be rolled on boots, shields, weapons and body armors. A easy source of max ress is rolling boots with a essence crystal of the rainbow.
Notable is that both antidote potion and thawing potions from the in-game vendors yields max resistance to cold and poison. Which means the most important resistances from gear are lightning and fire.
-enemy resistance is the 2. most important stat. This will allow you to pierce any immunity of a selected element. If you are using physical skills, aim for -physical resistance and etc.
-Physical resistance and hereafter magic resistance. Getting physical resistance is not easy and is something you build for slowly moving towards the endgame, by using enchantments, ber runes, and certain items with physical or magical resistance.
You want to aim for 75 % physical resistance and thereafter gain as much magic resistance as you can without losing too much damage. Remember max resistance does not apply to physical and magic resistance.

Torch and Anni charm
First off, the thing you should work for is getting a torch and annihilus charm. First off you need key sets. A key set is considered 3 of each key. The drop rate on these keys is higher than standard Diablo 2, however not 100 %, the drop rate is about 25% or so.
The key of Terror: drops from the Countess in the Tower Cellar in Dark Wood act 1.
The key of Hate: drops from the Summoner in Arcane Sanctuary act 2.
The key of Destruction: drops from Nihalathak in Halls of Pain act 5.
Now, when you got a key set, you can cube 1 of each key at a time in act 5, and open a portal to either a copy of Andariel (Act 1 boss), Duriel (Act 2 boss), Izual (Act 4 boss). Each of these bosses drops an organ.
By cuping 1 of each organ in act 5 you can open a portal to uber Tristram. Here you will find mephisto, diablo, and baal. As of patch 7.1 these will drop a torch for a random class, a standard of hell and a standard of heroes. The standard of heroes is useless. But cubing 3 of the standard of hell, will give you a diablo soulstone, which you can cube in act 4 to open a map containing uber diablo who drops the annihilus charm.
So, in total, to obtain 1 annihilus charm you need 3 sets of keys.
I recommend that you have atleast 90 % max fire resistance before going for Uber diablo, or get some help taking him down.
Before trying to move on to further content you should work on getting those max ress and -enemy resistances up a bit. By either using “essence crystals of rainbow” or using specific unique found within the game.
Optionally: make a second character, a barbarian, which you can use to buff yourself with battle orders and battle command. A sorceress with enchant is also helpful with fire, lightning, cold spell damage and added fire damage to none spells.
Recommended farming areas: Hell cow level, act bosses. Special bosses on lower difficulty. (See next chapter)

Getting on with the content
Before going for content within the chapter, you have some resistances for the specific boss you plan for by gear alone or by using potions from vendors (Thawing and antidote).
There are many revamped zones on this server which has special bosses each with special drops, so these items can in fact be farmed, but it can take up to 50 tries to get a specific item from a special boss. The special items from each boss only drops on hell. You can see which bosses drop which items in the “Annihilus Server Boss Guide”. (

Act 1: Burial Grounds, bloodraven area. Going down the crypt behind blood raven is the area Plaguelands - Contains: Stitches, and the lich king.
Act 1: Tristram, contains knarst, and opens a portal to the Dreamlands containing: Kaalut, Otheuyeg, Sss’haa, Mappo no Ryjin. Ctogga found by cubing the 4 puzzle boxes the 4 bosses has a chance to drop.
Act 2: Stony Tomb found in the first area of act 2. Contains: Mechanized Destroyer.
Act 3: Swampy Pits found in flayer jungle right by the wp. Contains: Swamp King.
Act 3: Tomb of Guardian found between Travincal and Upper Kurast. Contains: Ifrit, Diablos and Bahamut.
Act 3: Edea’s Orphanage also found between Travincal and Upper Kurast. Contains: Squall and Griever.
Act 4: Time Rift found north from the waypoint in River of Flame. Contains: Butcher, Diablo, Skeleton King.

If a specific boss is too hard, try to figure out why, is your resistance to the specific element too weak, here also applies physical and magical resistance which is often an oversight. Some builds are just not good for certain bosses, do not expect to be able to do all the bosses. Building for specific bosses is very viable.
Maps: Maps like the cave map have a great mop-density for farming, as you progress you can move up to higher tier maps.

Worldstone Event
Basically, what you earn from this event is a charm that can replace your cube, allowing you to get +skill and other stats depending on class.
Each act boss drops a fragment, when you cube these at Baal’s Throne, a red portal opens, within this portal an either be 3 chests or another portal, if you find the chests there is no more to do, and you have to get new fragments.
If you manage to get another portal, then you will be faced with 5 new portals each containing an act boss yet harder. Having good resistances will play a big role on being able to kill these bosses. Andariel will almost certainly require 95 % poison resistances, remember a antidote potion can be useful here.
Each of these bosses drops a fragment. When you cube these a new portal to Reziarfg will open. In each corner of the area are totems, which when killed will weaken Reziarfg. He is still really strong.

The Crucible is found in the town in act 1.
This is like a type of greater rifts like in diablo 3. Every time you’ve done a level, a new portal to a new harder level will open. Within the crucible you will face bosses every 4th level, these are: Chimera (Level 4), SDarkblade/Slightblade (Level 8), Deckard Cain (Level 12), Uldyssian (Level 16).
Reaching the end of crucible will require good damage and good defenses, this is not something you are able to do right out of the bat.
One of the most notable drops within crucible is the gem dropped by cain, which can yield -5 to 10 resistances to a specific enemy element.

End of guide
That is it for the guide, if you read it, you should have a good idea of how to start out on this server. Welcome!

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