Patch 4.1.1

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4.1.1 Patch Notes

   Annihilus 4.1.1 Changelog:

   General Changes:
   • The following skills can now be casted while shapeshifted (Lich or Wereforms): Horadrim Teleport, Corpse Explosion, Enchant, Frozen Armor, Shiver Armor, Chilling Armor, Burst of Speed, and Fade.

   • All items that had "Chance to cast when you take damage" have been changed to "Chance to cast when struck". This may be considered a nerf to some items, but the lag / frame drops it caused was just too much. This will retroactively affect all existing items.

   Class Changes:
   • Most Martial Arts skills have had their base Attack Rating and Attack Rating per Level increased.

   • Werebear attack animation speed increased.

   • Skeletal Burst will now do proper damage, and hit much more reliably. I am still keeping an eye on this, it may still need more tuning but it felt pretty good in testing if you use physical damage items and a good weapon. This skill isn't meant to do HUGE damage, as your summons should be doing most of the work, but it can definitely kill now.

   • Raise Skeleton no longer requires a corpse. (Raise Skeletal Archer still does.) Raise Skeleton can now also be casted in town.

   • Skeletons and Archers are now limited to a maximum of 3 each until skill level 10, then they are increased to 6 each.

   • To make up for the lower amount of Skeletons, Damage / Life / Attack Rating per level have all been moderately increased.

   • Revive has been slightly reworked. You are now limited to 1 Revived monster at a time now, but the revived monster will have drastically increased Life and Damage. Skill points in Revive will now increase the Revived monster's Life and Duration. The item mod to allow you to summon more Golems will now also increase the amount of Revived monsters you can have out at once. This will retroactively affect existing items.

   • Golem Life given by Summon Mastery has been increased.

   • Blood Golem Life Synergy to other Golems has been increased.

   • Fire Golem Damage Synergy to other Golems has been increased.

   Item Changes:
   • Flame Horizon is now properly classified as a Sword class instead of Axe class.

   • The Butcher's Cleaver now shows as an axe instead of a sword.

   • Flame Horizon's proc skill damage has been drastically increased.

   • El'Druin, The Sword Of Justice's proc skill damage has been moderately increased.

   • Book of Enchantments Gold cost has been lowered to 200.

   • Bag of Fragments added to the Gold Vendor for 325 Gold.