• Server Connect Guide

    Follow these steps to get connected to the Annihilus Server! Diablo II: Lord of Destruction must be installed somewhere on the computer for our Launcher to work properly. Any version of the game will work. We do not support piracy, so support Blizzard Entertainment and buy a copy of the game if you do not have one already!

    1. Download and install the Annihilus launcher from here. This does not have to be installed into a Diablo 2 folder, infact we recommend you install it in its own new folder such as C:\Annihilus. The launcher is smart enough to detect your Diablo II installation on its own, and it is completely self contained so it will not modify your installation in anyway.

    2. Open Annihilus Launcher.exe from the location you installed it to, select "Annihilus" or "Annihilus Legacy" from the list of available mods, and click the blue "Install" button to download that specific mod.

    3. You're all set! You can now click the blue "Play" button to launch the selected mod! If this is your first time playing, you will need to create an account after launching the game.

    If you have any issues installing or connecting you can post in our Help Desk forum here. We also have a stickied thread with some common issues in there as well, so be sure you check that out first!