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Thread: Lost a mark of sin

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    Lost a mark of sin

    all these kills for a mark and when I finally get one game crashes...

    Thankfully, I pre-empted this happening as servers have been a bit funny recently and took a couple screenshots.

    As you can quite clearly see, I was indeed in the realm of sin moments before the server crashed.

    While not in the game, I was talking to a few of my friends while in there who I'm sure would also vouch for my authencity if asked in the very least in regards to the fact I said I was in realm of sin just prior to the crash.

    If this could be reimbursed I would be very grateful. Thanks
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    Good Screenshots with /time stamp. Very nice. @Game or @acyroma will handle this one.
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    If I catch you online I'll help you with this, PM me on forum when you're on so I get a notice!

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