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Thread: SotR Changelog: May 19th

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    SotR Changelog: May 19th

    Annihilus: SotR Closed Beta Phase 1 May 19th Changelog:

    Core Changes:

    • Skill Damage Per Level splits have been changed to (2-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20+) from (2-8, 9-16, 17-22, 23-28, 29+. This means every multiple of 5 Skills will start gaining more Damage per Level, overall increasing Damage across the board.

    • Added the ability to hover over item sockets to view the stats of the item in the socket. Right clicking these also allows you to selectively remove the item from the socket. This also works if the item is equipped on your character, but not your mercenary.

    • The Life Regeneration stat now shows how much effective life you gain per second.

    • The "Weapon Damage" tooltip on Skills has been updated to "Damage Effectiveness" in hopes of being a little more clear. A summary of what this means is how effective all OTHER sources of damage are aside from the Skill Damage itself. For example, if you have a pair of gloves that gives +50-100 Fire Damage, it will add exactly 50-100 Fire Damage to all skills that have 100% Damage Effectiveness. If a Skill has 150% Damage Effectiveness, the 50-100 Fire Damage gloves will actually add 75-150 Fire Damage to that Skill instead.

    Monster Changes:

    • Mephisto now casts spells less often, Temporal Ring activates less often, Skill Levels have been lowered and Monster Level has been lowered in Normal.

    • Diablo/Baal Monster Levels have been slightly lowered in Normal.

    • Non-Boss Monsters have had their Unique drop rate slightly lowered and Rare drop rate slightly increased.

    • Boss Monsters have had their Unique and Rare drop rates increased.

    Skill Changes:

    • All Skills have had their Damage per Level modified. They will gain more power in the earlier levels instead of the power being backloaded to later levels. Most Skills have had the Damage they gain increased overall as well.

    • All Minion Skills have had their Physical Resistance per Level increased.


    • Cold / Magic / Fire Arrow no longer shotguns when shooting Additional Arrows.


    • Fixed an issue where Venom was decreasing the length of Poison attacks.

    • Fade now gives an additional 1% Elemental Resistances every 2 Base Points instead of every 1 Point.

    • Mind Blast stun duration and Damage per Level has been lowered, but can now properly deal critical strikes.

    • Charge up skills, such as Tiger Strike or Fists of Fire, will no longer remove the charges of other charge up skills when the finisher triggers.


    • Ravens no longer scale with it's Summoner's Weapon Damage, but Damage Per Level has been increased to compensate. Ravens are no longer immune to certain types of attacks.


    • Raise Skeleton no longer scale with it's Summoner's Weapon Damage, but Damage Per Level has been increased to compensate.


    • Blessed Hammer has been replaced with Divine Storm, and is now a Level 5 Skill.

    • Holy Shield is now a Level 10 Skill.

    • Holy Nova is now a Level 20 Skill, and now has 25% Damage Effectiveness.

    • Fist of the Heavens is now a Level 30 Skill, and has 100% Damage Effectiveness on the main attack, and 50% Damage Effectiveness on the submissiles it releases. Fixed an issue where submissiles were not dealing damage to enemies beyond the first hit.

    • Vengeance now has Damage Effectiveness on its submissiles.

    • Hammer of Wrath now has 150% Damage Effectiveness and deals much higher damage. Now has a 10 second cooldown.

    • Divine Shield is no longer affected by Cooldown Reduction.

    • Blessing of Fire now properly gives Splash Heal on Hit.

    Item Changes:

    • Items can now roll their maximum amount of Sockets regardless of their Item Level. Holding Ctrl or Shift while hovering an item will now also show the maximum amount of Sockets it can have.

    • Gloves and Boots can now have up to 2 Sockets.

    • Belts can now have 1 Socket.

    • Runes now start dropping at earlier levels, lower tier runes now have a lower level requirement.

    • Ith / Tal / Ral / Ort / Thul Runes have had their Resistances decreased.

    • Sol Rune and Ohm Rune have had their Weapon mods swapped.

    • Dol Rune has been buffed.

    • All Unique Weapons have had the flat +Weapon Damage stat removed or drastically lowered. This will ensure that while they are extremely powerful, they can never have more raw damage than a rare weapon with high tier affixes. This will not affect existing Uniques.

    • Iceblink has been buffed. This will not apply to existing items.

    • Wall of the Eyeless has been changed. This will not apply to existing items.

    • Fractured Rift Energies have had the weighted chances of rolling 1 Socket lowered considerably.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a Warden related server crash.

    • Fixed Telekinesis causing the server to crash when used on objects.

    • Fixed an issue with damage numbers rendering over the user interface.

    • Fixed the Added Damage display for poison on weapons when multiple poison sources were available.

    • Moved the Quickbar icons up by 1 pixel...because it needed to be.

    • Fixed an issue with weapon attack speed causing certain dual wield weapons to lock your animation.

    • Fixed an issue causing unrendered tiles from showing up occasionally at the corners of the screen.

    • Mercenaries now properly gain lifesteal and manasteal.

    • Summons are no longer incorrectly affected by the difficulty resistance penalty.

    • Voided Rift Energy no longer removes sockets or ethereal from the item.

    • Voided Rift Energy will now maintain the same implicit affix properly.

    • Potent Rift Energy no longer destroys the item if the item base has been upgraded with Veiled Rift Energy.

    • Potent Rift Energy no longer temporarily prevents you from using the sockets on an item.

    • Temporal Rift Energy no longer destroys Unique Items if the item base has been upgraded with Veiled Rift Energy.

    • Unstable Rift Energies now work properly. (Or not, will look at this again.)

    • Rift Energies now properly apply ethereal bonuses to items when used on an ethereal item.

    • Fixed an issue with Battle Orders crashing other players.
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