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Thread: Feedback on current xp progression and crafting rare

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    Feedback on current xp progression and crafting rare

    I'm wondering something about this ladder. I have the feeling some early broken items/builds gave a huge advantage to a bunch of players. I do believe they reached a lot of extra 1. XP, 2. END CONTENT SOULS, 3. MATS/UNICS from it. Their experience of the patch is a bit different from the others. For instance, when i first argued about slow progression, i questioned the cap on unstable rifts, witch removed or increased would give 1. EARLY BETTER CRAFTING 2. EARLY BETTER XP. If those top 20 players passed true the same struggling than me, they found soon enough a way to those broken items/build that gave em a way out of it. Maybe that's why they don't care about early xp and crafting. I'm not blaming anyone here, i probably wouldn't care neither if i would had a smart ass enough to find those broken builds. What i'm trying to say is there must be some adjustments to make. I do think removing the cap on unstable rifts, along with increasing the level gap between riftstones tiers (that im not smart enough to calculate) may solve the issue; Do getting access to another xp alternative and to some t1 rares at level 85 would be such a big matter on balancing progression? I honestly don't remember players running unstable rifts passing level 90 to get their xp last ladder. I also don't remember people building over ilvl85 rare items neither. If i don't have a way to craft good rare before i start getting sets of unics, i doubt this would be a serious concerned afterward. Oh i still will try out to craft a god sword with the 500 extra mats i had accumulating in 2/3 weeks of playing, but before that? How many rare items players at level 95 are using right now? One or two? Mostly none? Is this such a balancing issue for us to get a chance to roll a few of those "early" and to get a few extra xp? I understand there is future plans for unstables, and i can't wait to see em, but how come having em drop ilvl85 and give little better xp would interfere with those plans? Maybe slightly decreasing their spawning rate if that's the case could simply solve the issue here. Anyway, that's just my feedback here.
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    1. Imo - don't look on ladder, play what u like, build what u want
    2. Guess u have to play beta to test+theory craft upcoming meta builds
    3. "broken build" - hm what does it mean? something u weren't aware of?

    i'd just dispose of energy fragments, it's hard enough to craft a specific mod mix item
    farming 100x ephemeral takes omg long, not to mention rarer ones
    there are only 5 entries per map so why not make selling 1rere=1ephemeral energy?
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