SotR Beta November 10th Changelog:



• Guided Arrow's damage per level has been increased.

• Freezing Arrow's base damage has been increased.

• Rain of Arrows' base damage has been increased.

• Strafe's base damage and damage per level has been increased.


• Seismic Slam is once again granted from the starting Hand Axe.


• Eye of the Storm's Flame Hurricane now hits every 8 frames to be consistent with Hurricane, down from every 12 frames.


• Circlet bases can no longer role -% stat requirements as a suffix.

• The Stone of Jordan now only has a 50% chance to grant invulnerability when taking lethal damage, but the damage increase vs elite monsters has been increased to 20-40%.

• Steelclash has had its chance to cast Shield Throw lowered, along with the Shield Throw level.

• Users with Moser's Blessed Circle equipped can no longer benefit from someone else's Moser's Blessed Circle aura.

• Bloodletter has been slightly reworked and its unique effect will now function properly.

• Bartuc's Cut-Throat chance to reanimate Council Members has been lowered to 3%, down from 25%.

• Lightsabre has had its unique effect reworked. Its activation now lasts 15 seconds, up from 10, and now adds 25 lightning damage to your attacks for each melee attack during activation. Now recoils 1% of your lightning damage to yourself, down from 2%. Mana / Life leech values have been increased, and the lightning thorns stat has been replaced with lightning absorb.

• Eaglehorn has had several stat ranges increased, and now also has flat physical damage.

• Windhammer (Unique Ogre Maul) has been enabled.

• Steelpillar has had its chance to cast Armor Break lowered, along with the Armor Break level.

• Elder of Tristram's Horadrim Teleport can now be used while shapeshifted.

• Greater Riftstone drop rate has been drastically reduced.

• Riftstone and Rift Essence drop rates have been lowered from Blue Rifts and Riftstones.

• Rift Energy drop rates have been slightly lowered from level 28+ monsters. Drop rates in level 70+ content were lowered considerably more.

• Riftstone loot tables no longer have a base increased chance for unique / rare / magic items, making magic find much more valuable.

• Several Riftstone affixes have had their negative effects lowered, as they were a little too punishing.

• Chance for unique items to drop from champion / unique packs has been slightly increased for monsters of all levels.


• Malthael's Reaper of Souls phase will now also lower players' magic resistance by 75%.

• Amphibian Oracles in the Crucible have had their Cyclone Armor skill level lowered.

• Rlyeh Treants in the Crucible have had their Poison skill levels lowered.

• Several monsters that used to use "Sunder" will now correctly use Seismic Slam.

• Mechanized Destroyers will now use Blood Hunt instead of Charge.

• Guts will now use Blood Hunt instead of Dragon Flight.

• Monsters level 25+ now grant roughly 20% more experience in Normal difficulty.


• Frozen River layout has been removed from the Crucible map pool.

• 2 new large map layouts have been enabled in the Crucible map pool.


• Soul notification for Izual will now be properly displayed in the Plains of Despair instead of City of the Damned.

• Soul notification for Frozenstein will now be properly displayed in the Frozen River instead of Crystalline Passage.

• Fixed an issue causing D2DX to crash the client after selecting your character.

• Fixed an issue preventing recoil damage from triggering certain events.