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Thread: 6.12.1 Patch Notes

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    6.12.1 Patch Notes

    Annihilus Legacy 6.12.1 Changelog:



    • Psychic Hammer has been reworked. It now deals damage in an extremely small radius, but can occasionally shotgun on large targets.

    • Cloak of Shadows is now considered a magic skill.

    • Shadow Warriors/Masters now always receive rare-quality items. Shadow Warriors now also receive higher base items to keep it consistent with Shadow Master. Shadow Warrior now gains 200% of your % increased magic damage, up from 100%. Shadow Warrior now gains 25% increased magic damage per skill level. Shadow Warrior now has a high chance to proc a Psychic Hammer / Mind Blast cast based on their skill level. Shadow Warrior and Shadow Master are now considered magic skills. Shadow Warriors now gain less life / physical / elemental resistances per level, as they were a little too tanky early on with their item changes.

    • Mind Blast's method of damaging enemies has been reworked. Instead of scanning a pre-determined radius and hitting every enemy inside of the radius once, it now actually spawns missiles where the visual effect is displayed, allowing it to shotgun / hit multiple times.

    • Shuriken Flip is no longer affected by Slow Missiles.


    • Seismic Slam's damage per level has been increased at level 29+. Damage synergy % increased to 25%, up from 22%. Nexthit delay for the rock shockwave has been lowered to 3 frames, down from 4 frames. This should allow you to feel more of an impact when using the Seismic Slam Transcendence charm.

    • Armor Break will now automatically search for a nearby enemy if you're not hovering directly over a target when casted.


    • Fissure can now be used as a left-click skill.


    • Assassin claws can now roll the +% magic damage / pierce prefixes.

    • Destruction Runeword's Frozen Orb now deals the correct amount of damage and benefits from the Frozen Orb Transcendence charm.

    • Shadow Killer, Rift Runeword, and Winter Runeword no longer trigger the internal cooldown when proccing frozen Orb. (Must be rerolled / remade to go into effect.)

    • Windforce's Windstorm proc has had its damage greatly increased.

    • The Grandfather has been reworked. Most of its stats have been greatly increased, and now has a 75% chance to cast Ancestral Fury on striking. Drop rate has been slightly decreased. (Existing items must be rerolled)

    • Frostmourne's Sindragosa proc has had its damage greatly increased.

    • Bahamut's Fayth Zettaflare proc has had its damage greatly increased.

    • Holy Judgment's Worldstone Barrage proc has had its damage greatly increased and its hitbox increased. No longer incorrectly has a chance to miss based on attack rating.


    • Omega Weapon (Extreme) no longer incorrectly has 725 poison resistance.
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