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Game Information

Rift Energies

Rift Energies are crafting materials that you can use to customize your items. Every rift energy is unique in its application.

Lesser Souls and Greater Souls

Souls are special stat boosters dropped by Monsters in Annihilus. The collected souls are added to your Annihilus. The more souls you collect the more powerful your Annihilus becomes.

Lesser Souls

Theses souls are dropped by special monsters in every act. There are one to two monster souls per act. Each soul carries its own stat, and the stat will be the same for everyone who collects it. You can only collect each soul once.

Greater Souls

Uniques/Greater Souls are dropped by act bosses and Rift bosses. The greater souls that you collect do not add any stats to your Annihilus, but they give you an item to socket into your Annihilus.


Rifts are timed events that spawn in the world. There are Normal Rifts and Unstable Rifts. All rifts scale to the level of the player that activates it.

Unstable Rifts

Unstable Rifts spawn in random locations in every act. Every act spawns three to six rifts, excluding Act 4 which only has one Rift that spawns. If you spot normal purple monsters, there is a Rift in that zone. Unstable Rifts last for 90 seconds and spawn 5 random monsters. Max rift level in Normal is 40, in Nightmare its 60 and in Hell its 90.

Normal Rifts

Normal Rifts spawn in preset locations. They can only be activated in Hell and require a minimum level of 75 to open. For now, there are 2 Normal Rifts that spawn:

  • Trang'Oul, located in Hell Act 1, Cathedral, min lvl 75. Timer: 75 seconds
  • Ctoggha, located in Hell Act 3, Disused Reliquary, Kurast Causeway, min lvl 75. Timer: 75 seconds

Level Challenges

You must clear all monsters and then a boss will spawn that you need to defeat.

Level Challenges will reward you with a soul (Challenge's boss will drop their souls)

Act 2 Normal, Tal Rasha's Chamber - Level 30

Act 3 Nightmare, Durance of Hate Level 3 - Level 60

Act 5 Hell, Worldstone Chamber - Level 80

Character Information

Important Melee Stats

  • Increased Physical Damage
  • Increased Attack Speed
  • Strength/dexterity based on weapon

Important Caster Stats

  • Increased Elemental Damage
  • Faster Cast Rate
  • Energy

Important Summoner Stats

  • Increased Summon Minion Damage
  • Increased Summon Minion Life
  • Strength

Magic find