Guide to Dreamlands and Cthulhu

Hello Annihilus!

Lets have a look into Dreamlands and Cthulhu.

How to get there?

Get into a normal/nightmare/hellgame and go to tristram (stony field, red portal to tristram). Kill griswold and then kill the rocks on the left side
of the stonewalls. If you go behind the walls, the mobs get stronger, having immunitys and big lifepools. The difficulty and also the drops depend on
which difficulty you have chosen by creating the game.

In the middle of tristram there is the boss K'nar'st. He has different immunitys.
Killing him opens a red portal to the dreamlands map.
In dreamlands there are 4 more bosses to engage.
On top of the map, theres a poison/fire worm called kaluut
In the right corner, theres the serpent boss Shaa'sss with some serpent man adds around.
In the left corner, theres the eyeball boss Othuyeg(lightning immune forever, dealing mostly lightningdmg)
In the southern city, theres a dragon called mappo no ryujin. Immune to everything. needs to be pierced by aura/curse.

Each of those 4 mobs have a chance to drop a puzzlebox (dropchance on hell only) and specific good items. Loottable post in forums:
Dreamland's loottable

the puzzleboxes can be opened by cubing, giving a key. 4 Bosses, 4 different keys. || EDIT: The puzzleboxes can only be opened at specific areas!
i will quote research here. He wrote in the forum "Altar of Cthulu":
"each puzzle box has its own hint:
"Have you had the dream again? A hidden place where 7 stars align." - opened at the orifice in act 2 before duriel (madness key - shaaa)
"His whispers will drain your sanity, corrupting even the holiest of beings." - opened at izual (nightmare key - othuyeg)
"His web of madness spreads into even the darkest lairs." - opened at the sparkly chest in the arachnid lair in a3 (horror key - kaluut)
"At the bottom of the ocean even light must die." - opened on the small island behind anya in the frozen river (insanity key - mappo no ryujin)
you will get the icon above your head for all of these so you know when you can open them (just cube them)"

Cubing gotten keys together provides you an item with 1 charge on teleport that can be used in dreamlands.
This teleport charge helps you teleport over the wall in Dreamlands (where the two mace swirling unkillable mobs are standing).
If you are teleported over there, dont forget to make a tp. You can only once teleport there and if you die, its all lost!

Beyond the wall there is the boss Cthulhu. If you have killed him, you are able to get to the cthulhu altar, needed to open the r'yleh/azatoth caches.
Also cthulhu have very specific new ultra good gears :)

i hope this guide helped you and you can enjoy your way there.


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  1. How to open puzzlebox ? tried to cube it but nothing happened :( must be in specific area ?
  2. Yes the boxes need to be in specific areas

    Tal Rasha's Tomb near the orifice for Sssh'haa box?
    Spider Cavern? IDK someone correct me for Kaalut Box
    Near Izual for I forget which
    & Frozen River on the platform above Anya for I forget which
  3. Tal Tomb > Sha
    Spider Cavern > Kaluut
    Izuals Pit > Eye
    Anya's Platform > Dragon
  4. there are 2 spider caverns. I dont know the names of the two in english. It should be that spidercavern thats near to the wp in the shinderjungle (sry dunno names. Im playing with german client for normal)

    E: also you need to stay in a specific area. You will get a shiny ! over your head, when you are able to open the cache.
  5. It's the Arachnid Lair. Just in case anyone else gets confused about where to open the puzzle box near Anya' platform, there is a small circular island to the northwest of her platform that you must teleport to:)
  6. The teleport from cthulhu key works just like normal teleport (you have to aim your mouse over the fence). Just so you dont make the same mistake as me :)
  7. [QUOTE=Mephisto;comment195]Tal Tomb > Sha
    Spider Cavern > Kaluut
    Izuals Pit > Eye
    Anya's Platform > Dragon[/QUOTE]

    Arachinid lair > kaluut ******
  8. What does it write under the box? U must have a message there with red writing.
  9. There's no key to open a puzzlebox, u need to cube them at a specific spot :)

    All the spots are found in the Wiki!
  10. what about the altar of cthulu...? it wont open at all. in any games I go to.
  11. It doesn't do anything anymore. You used to use it to open Cache's of Ryleh. But those no longer exist.