Guide to the Time Rift

Hey guys!

This will be a guide to finding the Time Rift, and about the items that are dropped there!
On the bottom of the list I included a picture, showing a example of how the map spawn looks like.

First of all, finding the rift isn't too hard, travel to the River of Flame in Act 4, look for the Hellforge, it will be a big square, now the time rift will spawn in a big square, but without the Hellforge in it, it will just look blank, keep in mind that BOTH the rift AND forge will spawn if it is in that game, not just one. (Time rift does NOT spawn every game, it takes some searching.)

Once you have found it, I suggest making a portal outside the Time Rift itself, instead of inside, the monsters like to move around a lot and are very strong.

The first monster you will come across will be Diablo, The Lord of Terror, he will be in the bottom right hand corner and will be the most difficult to kill. He can drop three(3) different items, these are:

Neo Annihilus

Diablo's Rebirth

Flame Horizon

Tips on killing Diablo: The best way to kill this beast, is to kite around him, firing ranged attacks along the way. He does massive amounts of fire damage, so be sure to stack up on fire resistances and fire sorb.

The next monster you come across will be King Leoric, he will be up and to the left, the items that can drop are:

Crown of the Skeleton King

Leoric's Folly

Tips on killing King Leoric: The best thing to do is to lure his skeletons away from him and kill them, they are fairly easy. After that it's just a one on one fight, again kiting him would work very will with ranged attacks, otherwise he dies fairly quickly with physical attacks.

Last but not least comes The Butcher, he will be to the right of King Leoric, through a bit of a maze, the items that he can drop are :

Touch of Death

The Butcher's Cleaver

Tips on killing The Butcher: The best way to kill the butcher is to trap him inside of his area, whether it be with Shadows, or Golems, or whatever, then use ranged attacks to kill him. If you are a physical character, aggro him and get the first hit, he will die pretty easily.

But beware! Throughout the time rift are Blood Knights running around who are very strong!

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  1. If you raise your max fire resist to 95, stack fire res to at least 145(he has -50 fire res pierce), and stack about 80-85 fire absorb Diablo's damage will actually heal you. You can reach 85ish fire absorb with a Rising Sun amulet and a Dwarf star. With this approach you can just face tank him without killing the adds first. Then it's just a matter of picking which damage type and method of application you will use to kill him:)
  2. might not hurt to post some info on how to get there for newer players
  3. Just having to remake over and over again to find this is kinda annoying XD
  4. cant click on neo anni to se item says my acc doesnt have access
  5. I have updated the link so you can see Neo Annihilus now, thanks for letting us know!
  6. I just got the same message after clicking that link.
  7. Click the link in the top post, not my post, sorry about that.
  8. is there a level requirement for finding those portals? ive searching for like a hour with my lvl 91 char and didnt find anything
  9. Portal is now always located at right upped corner, near River of Flame waypoint.